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update to upstream macvim-dev & add context menu entry to make the current file's parent dir the cwd #83

merged 7,037 commits into from Feb 18, 2016


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kjyv commented Dec 19, 2013

This adds a menu entry in the context menu to set the the directory of the side bar to the parent directory of the currently visible file. I've found this tremendously useful.

The patch also allows compilation in xcode 4.2.

brammool and others added some commits Jan 19, 2016

@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1143
Problem:    Can't sort on floating point numbers.
Solution:   Add the "f" flag to ":sort".  (Alex Jakushev)  Also add the "f"
            flag to sort().
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 96539b3
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1144
Problem:    Can't build on several systems.
Solution:   Include float.h. (Christian Robinson, closes #570 #571)
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 862f54d
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1145
Problem:    Default features are conservative.
Solution:   Make the default feature set for most of todays systems "huge".
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1146
Problem:    Can't build with Python 3 interface using MingW.
Solution:   Update the Makefile. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto, Ken Takata)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1147
Problem:    Conflict for "chartab". (Kazunobu Kuriyama)
Solution:   Rename the global one to something less obvious.  Move it into
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 2ec88ec
@splhack splhack MacVim Snapshot 94
Binary targets OS X 10.8(Mountain Lion), 10.9(Mavericks), 10.10(Yosemite), and 10.11(El Capitan)

- Vim patch 7.4.1147

Script interfaces have compatibility with these versions

- Lua 5.2
- Perl 5.16
- Python2 2.7
- Python3 3.5
- Ruby 2.0
@splhack splhack Fix .travis.yml a1e2571
@splhack splhack re-fix .travis.yml 06af25a
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1148
Problem:    Default for MingW and Cygwin is still "normal".
Solution:   Use "huge" as default. (Ken Takata)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1149
Problem:    Using the local value of 'errorformat' causes more problems than
            it solves.
Solution:   Revert 7.4.1013.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1150
Problem:    'langmap' applies to the first character typed in Select mode.
            (David Watson)
Solution:   Check for SELECTMODE. (Christian Brabandt, closes #572)
            Add the 'x' flag to feedkeys().
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1151
Problem:    Missing change to eval.c
Solution:   Also change feedkeys().
@brammool brammool Update runtime files 13d5aee
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1152
Problem:    Langmap test fails with normal build.
Solution:   Check for +langmap feature.
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' b762763
@splhack splhack Fix #216 2a4779d
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1153
Problem:    Autocommands triggered by quickfix cannot always get the current
            title value.
Solution:   Call qf_fill_buffer() later. (Christian Brabandt)
@splhack splhack Merge pull request #217 from macvim-dev/fix/emoji_range
Fix #216
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 2561504
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1154
Problem:    No support for JSON.
Solution:   Add jsonencode() and jsondecode().  Also add v:false, v:true,
            v:null and v:none.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1155
Problem:    Build with normal features fails.
Solution:   Always deinfe dict_lookup().
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1156
Problem:    Coverity warns for NULL pointer and ignoring return value.
Solution:   Check for NULL pointer. When dict_add() returns FAIL free the item.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1157
Problem:    type() does not work for v:true, v:none, etc.
Solution:   Add new type numbers.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1158
Problem:    Still using __ARGS().
Solution:   Remove __ARGS() from eval.c
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1159
Problem:    Automatically generated function prototypes use __ARGS.
Solution:   Remove __ARGS from osdef.sh.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1160
Problem:    No error for jsondecode('"').
Solution:   Give an error message for missing double quote.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1161
Problem:    ":argadd" without argument is supposed to add the current buffer
            name to the arglist.
Solution:   Make it work as documented. (Coot, closes #577)
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 63ec85b
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1162
Problem:    Missing error number in MzScheme. (Dominique Pelle)
Solution:   Add a proper error number.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1163
Problem:    Expressions "0 + v:true" and "'' . v:true" cause an error.
Solution:   Return something sensible when using a special variable as a
            number or as a string. (suggested by Damien)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1164
Problem:    No tests for comparing special variables.  Error in jsondecode()
            not reported.  test_json does not work Japanse system.
Solution:   Set scriptencoding. (Ken Takata) Add a few more tests. Add error.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1165
Problem:    When defining DYNAMIC_ICONV_DLL in the makefile, the build fails.
Solution:   Add #ifdef's. (Taro Muraoka)  Try the newer version first.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1166
Problem:    Can't encode a Funcref into JSON.  jsonencode() doesn't handle the
            same list or dict twice properly.  (Nikolay Pavlov)
Solution:   Give an error.  Reset copyID when the list or dict is finished.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1167
Problem:    No tests for "is" and "isnot" with the new variables.
Solution:   Add tests.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1168
Problem:    This doesn't give the right result: eval(string(v:true)). (Nikolay
Solution:   Make the string "v:true" instead of "true".
@brammool brammool Update a few runtime files. 705ada1
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1169
Problem:    The socket I/O is intertwined with the netbeans code.
Solution:   Start refactoring the netbeans communication to split off the
            socket I/O.  Add the +channel feature.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1170
Problem:    Missing changes in src/Makefile, Filelist.
Solution:   Add the missing changes.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1171
Problem:    Makefile dependencies are outdated.
Solution:   Run "make depend". Add GTK resource dependencies.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1172
Problem:    Configure is overly positive.
Solution:   Insert "test".
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1173
Problem:    No test for new behavior of v:true et al.
Solution:   Add a test.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1174
Problem:    Netbeans contains dead code insde #ifdef.
Solution:   Remove the dead code.
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 57e16a3
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1175
Problem:    Can't build with Mingw and Cygwin.
Solution:   Remove extra "endif". (Christian J. Robinson)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1176
Problem:    Missing change to proto file.
Solution:   Update the proto file. (Charles Cooper)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1177
Problem:    The +channel feature is not in :version output. (Tony Mechelynck)
Solution:   Add the feature string.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1178
Problem:    empty() doesn't work for the new special variables.
Solution:   Make empty() work. (Damien)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1179
Problem:    test_writefile and test_viml do not delete the tempfile.
Solution:   Delete the tempfile. (Charles Cooper)  Add DeleteTheScript().
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1180
Problem:    Crash with invalid argument to glob2regpat().
Solution:   Check for NULL. (Justin M. Keyes, closes #596)  Add a test.
@brammool brammool add missing test file ac80999
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 5a783eb
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1181
Problem:    free_tv() can't handle special variables. (Damien)
Solution:   Add the variable type.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1182
Problem:    Still socket code intertwined with netbeans.
Solution:   Move code from netbeans.c to channel.c
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1183
Problem:    MS-Windows build is broken.
Solution:   Remove init in wrong place.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1184
Problem:    MS-Windows build is still broken.
Solution:   Change nbsock to ch_fd.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1185
Problem:    Can't build with TCL on some systems.
Solution:   Rename the channel_ functions.
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 3bd2a8a
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 18694f1
@splhack splhack Fix #222 9498828
@splhack splhack Merge pull request #223 from macvim-dev/fix/netbeans_warnings
Fix #222
@rhendric rhendric MainMenu.nib for 10.6, with Sparkle 841de7e
@splhack splhack Merge pull request #224 from rhendric/feature/sparkle_10.6
MainMenu.nib for 10.6, with Sparkle
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1186
Problem:    Error messages for security context are hard to translate.
Solution:   Use one string with %s. (Ken Takata)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1187
Problem:    MS-Windows channel code only supports one channel.  Doesn't build
            without netbeans support.
Solution:   Get the channel index from the socket in the message. Closes #600.
@rhendric rhendric Only include Sparkle on >=10.8 c276ec4
@splhack splhack Merge pull request #226 from rhendric/feature/sparkle_10.6
Only include Sparkle on >=10.8
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' b31c3c3
@splhack splhack Workaround for NetBeans (NetBeans support will be removed soon) f8c8ee5
@splhack splhack Merge pull request #228 from macvim-dev/fix/netbeans
Workaround for NetBeans (NetBeans support will be removed soon)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1188
Problem:    Using older JSON standard.
Solution:   Update the link.  Adjust the text a bit.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1189
Problem:    Using another language on MS-Windows does not work. (Yongwei Wu)
Solution:   Undo the change to try loading libintl-8.dll first.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1190
Problem:    On OSX the default flag for dlopen() is different.
Solution:   Add RTLD_LOCAL in the configure check. (sv99, closes #604)
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 0c935dd
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1191
Problem:    The channel feature isn't working yet.
Solution:   Add the connect(), disconnect(), sendexpr() and sendraw()
            functions.  Add initial documentation.  Add a demo server.
@brammool brammool Update runtime files. 298b440
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1192
Problem:    Can't build with FEAT_EVAL but without FEAT_MBYTE. (John
Solution:   Add #ifdef for FEAT_MBYTE.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1193
Problem:    Can't build the channel feature on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Add #ifdef HAVE_POLL.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1194
Problem:    Compiler warning for not using return value of fwrite().
Solution:   Return OK/FAIL. (Charles Campbell)
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' cbcbdf4
@splhack splhack Fix .travis.yml 7069fe5
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1195
Problem:    The channel feature does not work in the MS-Windows console.
Solution:   Add win32 console support. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
@splhack splhack Fix channel in GUI f1caea5
@splhack splhack Merge pull request #234 from macvim-dev/fix/channel
Fix channel in GUI
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1196
Problem:    Still using __ARGS.
Solution:   Remove __ARGS in several files. (script by Hirohito Higashi)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1197
Problem:    Still using __ARGS.
Solution:   Remove __ARGS in several files. (script by Hirohito Higashi)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1198
Problem:    Still using __ARGS.
Solution:   Remove __ARGS in several files. (script by Hirohito Higashi)
            Also remove use of HAVE_STDARG_H.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1199
Problem:    Still using __ARGS.
Solution:   Remove __ARGS in several files. (script by Hirohito Higashi)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1200
Problem:    Still using __ARGS.
Solution:   Remove __ARGS in several files. (script by Hirohito Higashi)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1201
Problem:    One more file still using __ARGS.
Solution:   Remove __ARGS in the last file. (script by Hirohito Higashi)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1202
Problem:    Still one more file still using __ARGS.
Solution:   Remove __ARGS in the last file. (script by Hirohito Higashi)
            (closes #612)
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' faf4086
@splhack splhack __ARGS cc37ad3
@splhack splhack __ARGS 38c7f33
@splhack splhack Drop MacVim build support on OS X 10.6
Fix #231, #227
@splhack splhack MacVim Snapshot 95
Binary targets OS X 10.8(Mountain Lion), 10.9(Mavericks), 10.10(Yosemite), and 10.11(El Capitan)

- Vim patch 7.4.1202

Script interfaces have compatibility with these versions

- Lua 5.2
- Perl 5.16
- Python2 2.7
- Python3 3.5
- Ruby 2.0
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1203
Problem:    Still more files still using __ARGS.
Solution:   Remove __ARGS in really the last files.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1204
Problem:    Latin1 characters cause encoding conversion.
Solution:   Remove the characters.

brammool and others added some commits Feb 3, 2016

@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1252
Problem:    The channel test server may receive two messages concatenated.
Solution:   Split the messages.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1253
Problem:    Python test server not displaying second of two commands.
            Solaris doesn't have "pkill --full".
Solution:   Also echo the second command. Use "pkill -f".
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1254
Problem:    Opening a second channel causes a crash. (Ken Takata)
Solution:   Don't re-allocate the array with channels.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1255
Problem:    Crash for channel "eval" command without third argument.
Solution:   Check for missing argument.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1256
Problem:    On Mac sys.exit(0) doesn't kill the test server.
Solution:   Use self.server.shutdown(). (Jun Takimoto)
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 9fab7f8
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1257
Problem:    Channel test fails in some configurations.
Solution:   Add check for the +channel feature.
@brammool brammool Update runtime files. 681baaf
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1258
Problem:    The channel test can fail if messages arrive later.
Solution:   Add a short sleep. (Jun T.)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1259
Problem:    No test for what patch 7.3.414 fixed.
Solution:   Add a test. (Elias Diem)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1260
Problem:    The channel feature doesn't work on Win32 GUI.
Solution:   Use WSAGetLastError(). (Ken Takata)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1261
Problem:    Pending channel messages are garbage collected. Leaking memory in
            ch_sendexpr().  Leaking memory for a decoded JSON string.
Solution:   Mark the message list as used. Free the encoded JSON.  Don't save
            the JSON string.
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 36739b0
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1262
Problem:    The channel callback is not invoked.
Solution:   Make a list of pending callbacks.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1263
Problem:    ch_open() hangs when the server isn't running.
Solution:   Add a timeout. Use a dict to pass arguments. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1264
Problem:    Crash when receiving an empty array.
Solution:   Check for array with wrong number of arguments. (Damien)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1265
Problem:    Not all channel commands are tested.
Solution:   Add a test for "normal", "expr" and "redraw".
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' c0e65e6
@splhack splhack MacVim Snapshot 96
Binary targets OS X 10.8(Mountain Lion), 10.9(Mavericks), 10.10(Yosemite), and 10.11(El Capitan)

- Vim patch 7.4.1265

Script interfaces have compatibility with these versions

- Lua 5.2
- Perl 5.16
- Python2 2.7
- Python3 3.5
- Ruby 2.0
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1266
Problem:    A BufAdd autocommand may cause an ml_get error (Christian
Solution:   Increment RedrawingDisabled earlier.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1267
Problem:    Easy to miss handling all types of variables.
Solution:   Change the variable type into an enum.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1268
Problem:    Waittime is used as seconds instead of milliseconds. (Hirohito
Solution:   Divide by 1000.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1269
Problem:    Encoding {'key':} to JSON doesn't give an error (Tyru)
Solution:   Give an error.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1270
Problem:    Warnings for missing values in switch.
Solution:   Change switch to if-else or add values.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1271
Problem:    assert_false(v:false) reports an error. (Nikolai Pavlov)
Solution:   Recognize v:true and v:false. (Closes #625)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1272
Problem:    Using future enum value.
Solution:   Remove it.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1273
Problem:    assert_false(v:false) still fails.
Solution:   Fix the typo.
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 7cd3390
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1274
Problem:    Cannot run a job.
Solution:   Add job_start(), job_status() and job_stop(). Currently only works
            for Unix.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1275
Problem:    Build fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Fix wrong #ifdef.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1276
Problem:    Warning for not using return value of fcntl().
Solution:   Explicitly ignore the return value.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1277
Problem:    Compiler can complain about missing enum value in switch with some
            combination of features.
Solution:   Remove #ifdefs around case statements.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1278
Problem:    When jsonencode() fails it still returns something.
Solution:   Return an empty string on failure.
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 5b41cd5
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1279
Problem:    jsonencode() is not producing strict JSON.
Solution:   Add jsencode() and jsdecode().  Make jsonencode() and jsondecode()
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1280
Problem:    Missing case value.
Solution:   Add VAR_JOB.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1281
Problem:    No test for skipping over code that isn't evaluated.
Solution:   Add a test with code that would fail when not skipped.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1282
Problem:    Crash when evaluating the pattern of ":catch" causes an error.
            (Dominique Pelle)
Solution:   Block error messages at this point.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1283
Problem:    The job feature isn't available on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Add the job feature.  Fix argument of job_stop(). (Yasuhiro
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1284
Problem:    Test 49 fails.
Solution:   Check for a different error message.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1285
Problem:    Cannot measure elapsed time.
Solution:   Add reltimefloat().
@brammool brammool Add missing test file. cb00f03
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1286
Problem:    ch_open() with a timeout doesn't work correctly.
Solution:   Change how select() is used.  Don't give an error on timeout.
            Add a test for ch_open() failing.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1287
Problem:    Channel test fails.
Solution:   Use reltimefloat().
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1288
Problem:    ch_sendexpr() does not use JS encoding.
Solution:   Use the encoding that fits the channel mode.  Refuse using
            ch_sendexpr() on a raw channel.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1289
Problem:    Channel test fails on MS-Windows, connect() takes too long.
Solution:   Adjust the test for MS-Windows using "waittime".
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1290
Problem:    Coverity complains about uneccessary check for NULL.
Solution:   Remove the check.
@brammool brammool Updated runtime files. cbebd48
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' b5e634e
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1291
Problem:    On MS-Windows the channel test server doesn't quit.
Solution:   Use return instead of break. (Ken Takata)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1292
Problem:    Some compilers complain about uninitialzed variable, even though
            all possible cases are handled. (Dominique Pelle)
Solution:   Add a default initialization.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1293
Problem:    Sometimes a channel may hang waiting for a message that was
            already discarded. (Ken Takata)
Solution:   Store the ID of the message blocking on in the channel.
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 374f09f
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1294
Problem:    job_stop() only kills the started process.
Solution:   Send the signal to the process group. (Olaf Dabrunz)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1295
Problem:    string(job) doesn't work well on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Use the process ID. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1296
Problem:    Cursor changes column with up motion when the matchparen plugin
            saves and restores the cursor position. (Martin Kunev)
Solution:   Make sure curswant is updated before invoking the autocommand.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1297
Problem:    On Mac test_channel leaves python instances running.
Solution:   Use a small waittime to make ch_open() work. (Ozaki Kiichi)
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 1227fce
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1298
Problem:    When the channel test fails in an unexpected way the server keeps
Solution:   Use try/catch. (Ozaki Kiichi)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1299
Problem:    When the server sends a message with ID zero the channel handler
            is not invoked. (Christian J.  Robinson)
Solution:   Recognize zero value for the request ID.  Add a test for invoking
            the channel handler.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1300
Problem:    Cannot test CursorMovedI because there is typeahead.
Solution:   Add disable_char_avail_for_testing().
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1301
Problem:    Missing options in ch_open().
Solution:   Add s:chopt like in the other calls. (Ozaki Kiichi)
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 9b472f4
@splhack splhack Sparkle-1.13.1 1f56bfd
@splhack splhack Merge pull request #240 from macvim-dev/fix/sparkle
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1302
Problem:    Typo in struct field name. (Ken Takata)
Solution:   Rename jf_pi to jv_pi.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1303
Problem:    A Funcref is not accepted as a callback.
Solution:   Make a Funcref work. (Damien)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1304
Problem:    Function names are difficult to read.
Solution:   Rename jsonencode to json_encode, jsondecode to json_decode,
            jsencode to js_encode and jsdecode to js_decode.
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 8d6721a
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1305
Problem:    "\%1l^#.*" does not match on a line starting with "#".
Solution:   Do not clear the start-of-line flag. (Christian Brabandt)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1306
Problem:    Job control doesn't work well on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Various fixes. (Ken Takata, Ozaki Kiichi , Yukihiro Nakadaira,
            Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1307
Problem:    Some channel tests fail on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Disable the failing tests temporarily.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1308
Problem:    Typo in test.
Solution:   Change endf to endif.
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 9d68c82
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1309
Problem:    When a test fails not all relevant info is listed.
Solution:   Add the errors to the messages.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1310
Problem:    Jobs don't open a channel.
Solution:   Create pipes and add them to the channel.  Add ch_logfile().
            Only Unix for now.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1311
Problem:    sock_T is defined too late.
Solution:   Move it up.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1312
Problem:    sock_T is not defined without the +channel feature.
Solution:   Always define it.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1313
Problem:    MS-Windows: Using socket after it was closed causes an exception.
Solution:   Don't give an error when handling WM_NETBEANS.  Re-enable tests
            for MS-Windows.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1314
Problem:    Warning for uninitialzed variable.
Solution:   Initialize it. (Dominique Pelle)
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' bd7d4b4
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' 5202a07
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1315
Problem:    Using a channel handle does not allow for freeing it when unused.
Solution:   Add the Channel variable type.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1316
Problem:    Can't build MS-Windows console version. (Tux)
Solution:   Add #ifdefs.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1317
Problem:    MS-Windows: channel test fails.
Solution:   Temporarily disable Test_connect_waittime().
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' a3be996
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1318
Problem:    Channel with pipes doesn't work in GUI.
Solution:   Register input handlers for pipes.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1319
Problem:    Tests fail on MS-Windows and on Unix with GUI.
Solution:   Fix unregistering.
@brammool brammool patch 7.4.1320
Problem:    Building with Cygwin or MingW with channel but without Netbeans
            doesn't work.
Solution:   Set NETBEANS to "no" when not used.
@splhack splhack Merge remote-tracking branch 'vim/master' f3f4ec5
@splhack splhack Sync MacVim channel code with Vim 27f20f6
@kjyv kjyv Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream-dev/master' into split-browser
# Conflicts:
#	src/MacVim/English.lproj/Preferences.nib/designable.nib
#	src/MacVim/English.lproj/Preferences.nib/keyedobjects.nib
#	src/MacVim/MMFullScreenWindow.m
#	src/MacVim/MMVimView.m
#	src/MacVim/MMWindow.m
#	src/MacVim/MMWindowController.h
#	src/MacVim/MMWindowController.m
#	src/MacVim/MacVim.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
#	src/MacVim/PSMTabBarControl/PSMTabBarControl.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
#	src/testdir/Make_dos.mak
#	src/testdir/Make_ming.mak
#	src/testdir/test31.in
#	src/testdir/test31.ok
#	src/testdir/test55.in
#	src/testdir/test83.in
@kjyv kjyv fix drawing issues, readd sidebar preference items bc284ac

kjyv commented Feb 17, 2016

update to current master of macvim-dev

@kjyv kjyv changed the title from add context menu entry to make the current file's parent dir the cwd to update to upstream macvim-dev & add context menu entry to make the current file's parent dir the cwd Feb 17, 2016


alloy commented Feb 18, 2016

Hey, this is great, and clearly I’m lagging behind (a few years 😛 ). I’ll add you as a collaborator so that you can merge yourself next time, sounds good?

@alloy alloy added a commit that referenced this pull request Feb 18, 2016

@alloy alloy Merge pull request #83 from kjyv/split-browser
update to upstream macvim-dev & add context menu entry to make the current file's parent dir the cwd

@alloy alloy merged commit 2c77eb9 into alloy:split-browser Feb 18, 2016


kjyv commented Feb 18, 2016

Ok, sounds good :)


alloy commented Feb 18, 2016

Done 👍

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