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  • Set sidebar preferences in the preference dialog.
  • Toggle the browser’s visibility under the Window menu, with the command-shift-d shortcut, or use the :maca toggleFileBrowser: vim action.
  • To move focus to the browser double-click or, by keyboard, use the vim action: :maca openFileBrowser:.
  • To select the current file in the browser without opening it if it's closed use the :maca selectInFileBrowser: action, or the :maca revealInFileBrowser: action which will expand folders as well.
  • Move focus from file browser to text view with the esc and tab keys.
  • Selecting a file will open it according to your ‘open files from applications’ setting. Use the alt key to do the opposite of that setting.
  • Browse with up/down arrow and j/k keys.
  • Expand/collapse folders with the left/right arrow and h/l keys.
  • Select files with the enter key.
  • Right-click, or control-click, for a contextual menu with a list of actions that can be applied to the selection. If you are using the keyboard you can use ctrl-enter.
  • Files and directory paths that match any of the vim wildignore patterns are not shown in the file browser. You might want to try the gitignore vim plugin, if you use git.