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Can you elaborate on the use case a bit? I understand that it shows the timestamp in the author's time zone, but for which reason exactly?


Oh, sorry for lack of description.
When I use chat, I want to communicate other people live any country. Other country have other time zone. So there is communication time limit. For example, I started communication at 21:00 (This is my hacking time :)), but my communication partner time is 01:30. Then time limit soon.


Ok I get it, but I don't think this change will fix that, because the timestamp message isn't shown for each message/author, but only if there has been a few minutes in between messages (although I have to look at the source again to be sure).

For example, say that I write a message and then shortly after Laurent replies. You would then see the time of the message from my TZ, but that says nothing about how late it is for Laurent.

Also this feature seems mainly helpful for in the present, not so much when looking through backlogs. The same applies to the date I think, it doesn't really matter what date it is, just the time, no?

So I wonder if we can't show the time of the members in the room in their TZ next to their name in the sidebar. I'm not yet sure about the design for that, though. The simplest would of course be:

Eloy Duran (14:23)
Kouji Takao (09:23)
Thibault Martin-Lagardette (14:23)
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