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* Add naive par post processor, as in just use backticks once download completed.
* Add stream unrar:
* NZB::File, first use the “subject” as the file's identifier.
* NZB::File separate par files from other files, by first naively trying to parse the file name from the file's subject
later on this should be improved by downloading the first segment of each file to get the real filenames.
* Add smart parring, which means; first download the .par2 file, then start downloading the regular files and for each
downloaded file use the .par2 file to check if we need more blocks, if so then move the par with the necessary blocks
from the par hold queue to the actual queue. This is so we download just enough par files.
* Add some callback for when the NZB queue is empty, so done. So the command line client can quit.
* Need to add a way to resume. Maybe marshal dump the NZB instances to their work directories
ad reload those if they exist.
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