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textorize: for a more beautiful web

Official homepage:

textorize produces beautifully subpixel antialiased text graphics on OS X, through a Rubycocoa Ruby script.

Output format is always PNG.

Learn more

Visit and view the presentation on why this is awesome and how it compares to other “web typography” solutions and techniques.


Install the gem and binary by doing:

$ gem sources -a
$ sudo gem install madrobby-textorize

This will install the textorize Ruby Gem, and the textorize command line tool.

If you're not using the default ruby environment on OS X, you'll need to install RubyCocoa.

Here's how:

Usage (command line tool)

textorize [options] string
  -f, --font=[FONT]                Font name
  -s, --size=[SIZE]                Font size in point
  -l, --lineheight=[HEIGHT]        Line height in point
      --list-fonts                 List available fonts
  -k, --kerning=[VALUE]            Kerning adjustment
  -o, --output=[FILENAME]          Specify filename for saving
  -b, --obliqueness=[ANGLE]        Slant angle
  -c, --color=[COLOR]              Render text in specific color
  -g, --background=[COLOR]         Render background in specific color
  -h, --help                       Display this message and exit

The color parameters take any CSS color, in #abc, #aabbcc, rgb(1,2,3) or rgba(1,2,3,0.5) format.


textorize -f"Gotham" -s200 Hello

textorize -fLucida\ Grande -s150 --color=rgba\(12,56,99,0.5\) --background=#ff8080 foo\ bar

It's alpha!

This software is alpha-quality and has some bugs and known issues. Please contribute!

textorize is released under the MIT license. © 2009 Thomas Fuchs <>.

NSColor extensions taken from LimeChat, LimeChat is copyrighted free software by Satoshi Nakagawa <>.

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