PatternPress is a WordPress theme for creating and managing pattern libraries.
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PatternPress is a WordPress theme designed for the easy creation and management of design patterns.

It's based on Dan Cederholm's Pears (, but with a few key additions.

Code patterns can be tied to common resources (css, js) which are injected into the document when previewing patterns.
Code patterns are previewed in an iframe, allowing for complete separation of pattern css and presentation css used in PatternPress itself.
Responsive code patterns can be easily toggled between mobile and desktop views. 

- A new post type called 'Resource' allows you to define shared scripts and stylesheets to include in pattern preview.

- Each pattern is a page in WordPress. 
- To turn a page into a pattern, check the "show pattern options" selector.
- Add a description in the main page content field.
- Select which resources the page uses.
- Add markup in a custom field named 'html'.
- Add custom styles in a custom field named 'css'.
- Add notes styles in a custom field named -- what else? -- 'notes'.

Learn more and see it in action here: