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The AllScale runtime uses CMake as underlying build tool, being familiar with the basic usage CMake is recommended.


The AllScale Runtime requires C++14 features, if you use GCC you need GCC >= 4.9 (GCC 6.2.0 and Clang are used for development and testing). CMake 3.5 (or later) is required for the build and testing process of the Runtime.

The AllScale runtime is built on HPX. In order to build HPX as the necessary requirement, please refer to either:

HPX Wiki:

HPX Documentation:

The AllScale runtime requires a build of the AllScale API as well, please refer to it's wiki:

Getting the Source

Fork the AllScale Runtime source on GitHub, or clone/download the sources.

git clone

Running the Setup

The AllScale Runtime uses CMake to configure and generate the required makefiles.

cd allscale_runtime
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DHPX_DIR="your_hpx_build_path/lib/cmake/HPX" -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="$CXX_FLAGS"     -DALLSCALE_API_DIR=your_allscale_api_repository_path     -DALLSCALE_WITH_TESTS=TRUE ..

For further options please have a look at the CMake documentation and the CMake scripts of the AllScale runtime.

Building and Testing

To test whether the environment is set up properly, build everything and run a test

make -j4
cd tests/performance/stream

Setting environment variables enables/disables certain AllScale Runtime features:

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