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AllStarLink, Inc

Official Repository for AllStarLink


  1. ASL-Asterisk ASL-Asterisk Public

    Version of Asterisk used for AllStarLink

    C 45 47

  2. ASL-Live-Build ASL-Live-Build Public

    Create ISOs and IMG files for PC and RPi2,3,4

    Shell 12 9

  3. ASL-Nodes-Diff ASL-Nodes-Diff Public

    Differential node updater (replacement for rc.updatenodelist)

    PHP 3 5

  4. Allmon3 Allmon3 Public

    Allmon is the standard web-based montitoring and management for the AllStarLink application. Allmon3 is the next generation of the venerable Allmon2 that is rewritten for performance, scalability, …

    Python 11 10


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