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This repository contains examples and experiment sketches for the AllThingsTalk LoRaWAN Rapid Development Kit.

It is to be used in conjunction with the arduino-lorawan-sdk which contains all basic functionality.

Some external libraries are included in this repository for use of all sensors


This library has been developed for:

  • Sodaq Mbili
  • Microchip LoRa modem


Download the source code and copy the content of the zip file to your arduino libraries folder (usually found at /libraries) or import the .zip file directly using the Arduino IDE.

Example sketches

  • pushbutton basic pushbutton example
  • guard-your-stuff lock your object and track its movement when it gets stolen
  • count-visits count visits for facility maintanence
  • environmental-sensing measure your environment

Sending data

There are three ways to send your data to AllThingsTalk

  • Standardized containers
  • Cbor payload
  • Binary payload

You can simply select the method you prefer by (un)commenting the methods at the start of the sketch.

// Select your preferred method of sending data
//#define CONTAINERS
#define CBOR
//#define BINARY

By default, Cbor will be used. For more information on payloads, please check here