Test Case ID

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This feature is supported since Allure 1.4.6.

Test Case ID is reference to test case in so-called Test Management System (TMS). It is not allowed to have more than one reference per test case by definition.

What it looks like


To link a test case to Test Management System, you can use @TestCaseId annotation. Simply specify the test case ID as shown below:

public void testSomething() {

Test Management System URL

To specify TMS URL, use the allure.tests.management.pattern property during HTML report generation (either in the allure.properties file or as your build tool property):

  • JVM property: -Dallure.tests.management.pattern=http://tms.company.com/tests/%s
  • CI server Allure plugin configuration (supported at least in Jenkins)
  • allure.properties:

In this pattern, the %s placeholder will be replaced with the test case ID from the annotation.