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audio map
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audio map



demo (desktop)

how it works

edit mode:

  • click on top left button to activate edit mode edit icon
  • click on the canvas to set the center of the circle + mouse left
  • move the mouse and click again to draw the circle ( --- + --- ) mouse left
  • drag an item from the list and drop it over a circle to assign the selected audio mouse left
  • drag and drop the none item to remove the assigned audio from a circle mouse left
  • edit the color audio by clicking on the black square near the item on the list square  mouse left
  • exit from color picker by clicking on the background mouse left
  • click on the center of an existing circle to change its position (        + mouse left)
  • click on the circumference of an existing circle to edit the radius ((       + --- )) mouse left
  • drag with left button on a circle to delete it (        + mouse right)
  • click on bottom left button to download the current map state (intervallo.json) download icon
  • drag and drop a GeoJSON feature collection on the canvas to display geolocated geometries
  • click on top left button to exit from edit mode edit icon


  • scroll the mouse wheel to zoom mouse center
  • drag the mouse wheel to pan mouse center

read only mode:

  • add a intervallo.json file in the root folder to visualize the audio map in read only mode

folders structure:

|__ /audio
|   |__ _config.json
|   |__ ... (audio files)
|__ /dist
|   |__ intervallo.js
|__ index.html

/* read only mode */

|__ intervallo.json

_config.json represents the starting data of the audio map

_config.json params:

  • center, longitude and latitude positions in EPSG 4326
  • zoom, value between 0 and 21
  • audio, list of audio files to use in the editor, original files have to be located in the same folder of _config.json (./audio)
    "center": [
        9, // longitude
        45 // latitude
    "zoom": 5,
    "audio": [


npm install

npm start

url -> http://localhost:3000/


npm run compile

output -> dist/intervallo.js

node v9.2.1

npm v5.6.0

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