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H264, H265 and more Encoder and Multicast/Unicast Streamer (example of how to use Live555 and FFMPEG). A threaded class for H264 and H265 streaming in Visual Studio using FFMPEG and LIVE555


This project uses the following (and would not work at all without them):

This project simply provides an easy to use 'example' of how to use FFMPEG and LIVE555 together to encode and stream video for Windows programmers using Visual Studio.

Project Ultimatum

This project aims to do the following:

  • Provide a simple threaded class for H264 / H265 encoding and streaming using FFMPEG and LIVE555 (other formats can be added as needed)
  • Minimum fuss class setup and usage (it should be as easy as creating the class and passing a frame to get working, keep it simple!)
  • For use only with Visual Studio 2010+ development environment (exclusively for Windows only)

Please keep this Git inline with the ultimatum. I encourage anyone to create their own copy of this Git and take this project in another direction.

Send me a message if you would like to collaborate.

Planned Features

  • Clean up code
  • Allow 'users' (i.e. programmer using class) to directly change encoding options
  • Make the following an option instead of being hard coded:
    • Encoding format (H264, H265, etc)
    • Unicast / Multicast
    • Encoding presets (for H264 and H265)
  • Update to latest FFMPEG and LIVE555 versions
  • Check for memory leaks

Current Status: First Release V1.0

  • V1.0 Initial Release 7th July 2016:
    • Encodes and streams in H264, H265, MP4, and MP2
    • Streams in Multicast and Unicast
    • Options mostly hardcoded
    • Project file only works in VS2013 and above (mixup with creating the solution file, will be fixed soon)


H264, H265 and more Encoder and Multicast/Unicast Streamer (example of how to use Live555 and FFMPEG)






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