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Alma Monthly Payments for Magento 1

This plugin adds a new payment method to Magento 1, which allows you to offer monthly payments to your customer using Alma.

⚠️ Restricted availability

🇫🇷Pour le moment, Alma n'est disponible qu'aux marchands français avec lesquels nous pouvons interagir. Vous pouvez créer votre compte librement, mais devez nous contacter pour l'activer et commencer à accepter des paiements.

🇬🇧For the moment, Alma is only available to french merchants with whom we can communicate. You can create your account freely, but you must contact us to have it activated and to start accepting payments.


Alma is a service to provide merchants with an easy and safe monthly payments solution.
Let your customers pay for their purchases at their own pace! You'll receive the funds instantly, and your customer will pay later over a few monthly instalments.

This plugin integrates Alma into Magento 1 by adding a new payment method that you can activate to offer monthly payments to your customers.



You first need to create your merchant account on and activate your account.


Copy the module files located in src to your Magento installation directory in the appropriate directories.

Configuring the plugin

After installing the plugin, go to System > Configuration > Payment Methods.
Find "Alma Monthly Payments" in the payment methods list to start configuring it.

Fill in the API keys for your account, which you can find on your dashboard's security page.

You also have access to different settings to control what the plugin should display on the Cart, Mini-cart and Checkout pages. We advise you to stay in "Test" mode until you're happy with your configuration and are ready to accept payments from your customers.

Once everything is properly set up, go ahead and switch to "Live" mode!


Magento 1 Payment Gateway integration for Alma



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