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# You have to be logged into Parse's website to get the latest
# from this URL:
# Do that and download to ~/Downloads (and it should be automatically unzipped)
if [ -e ~/Downloads/Parse.framework ]; then
# Swap out old version for latest
git rm -rf Parse.framework
mv ~/Downloads/Parse.framework .
git add Parse.framework
version=$(ack -o 'PARSE_VERSION.+' Parse.framework/Headers/PFConstants.h | cut -d@ -f2 | sed -e 's/"//g')
# Now go update our CocoaPods specs to add this new version
cd ~/Projects/CocoaPods-Specs/Parse
cp -pr 1.0.43 $version
perl -pi -e "s/1.0.43/$version/g" $version/Parse.podspec
git add $version
git commit -am "Update to version $version"
git push origin master
# come back and update the local podspec
cd -
cp ~/Projects/CocoaPods-Specs/Parse/$version/Parse.podspec .
git push --tags origin master
git commit -am "Update to version $version"
git tag $version