AdminLTE 2.4.3

@almasaeed2010 almasaeed2010 released this Feb 4, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

b3acb63 Update dependencies and fix issue #1741
281bb89 Update dependencies
51e96d8 Update (#1751)
6d6d00a Fix Missing Chart.js File (#1738)
61dc63a Update bower.json
96b63a6 Create (#1721)
278785a Add semicolons to support webpack
5339340 Don't hardcode slimscroll options. (#1605)
c3fb2e2 corrected error in the chart path in the charts pages (#1581)
f0421f5 Composer installer support (#1619)
a667b95 Fix box inside box collapsing error (#1681) (#1685)
b98b591 Change JS comment for better parsing (#1693)
d7f2e97 Fix issue #1692
d53319e Upgrade yarn.lock

AdminLTE 2.4.2

@almasaeed2010 almasaeed2010 released this Oct 9, 2017 · 21 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

AdminLTE 2.4.1

@almasaeed2010 almasaeed2010 released this Oct 8, 2017 · 22 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

A few bug fixes.

AdminLTE 2.4.0

@almasaeed2010 almasaeed2010 released this Sep 23, 2017 · 24 commits to master since this release


Fix issue #1567

AdminLTE v2.4.0-rc

@almasaeed2010 almasaeed2010 released this Jul 2, 2017 · 26 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

This is the first release candidate version for AdminLTE v2.4.

1ee1030 We do not need the iCheck option anymore
f8c4a40 Update documentation links
857b15a Update plugins
9ccb1f6 managed jquery-ui by bower (#1558)
e47823e Merge branch 'master' of
06bb8c2 Add bower_components for direct downloads but ignore them when installing using npm or bower
76ce5a9 Fix box widget icons and chart js version in bower issue
a780269 grammatical fix (#1553)

AdminLTE v2.4.0-beta

@almasaeed2010 almasaeed2010 released this Jun 25, 2017 · 34 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

The most prominent change in this version is the use of NPM and Bower to manage packages. However, some packages do not provide a fully compiled and usable version when downloaded via a package manager. Those packages remained in the plugins folder.

7cfbe94 Update npmignore
187dcfa add npmignore
f4ee8fb Use dependecy manager when applicable issue #1532
fbbc450 Fix issue #1547
4b0d73b Fix issue #1536
41d3db2 Fix issue #1549
6f77ce5 Fix #1490 disabled nav tab
87209a9 Update docs links
406cda2 Update links
c6b45cd Resolve conflict
a60df9f Merge branch 'v2.4.0-dev'
4169db0 (origin/v2.4.0-dev, v2.4.0-dev) Resolve conflicts
342a0ac Update dependencies
ec245fd Update README
ccb00cc Update modal page to add buttons and animation
7089f63 Update
bf174bf Fix typo in collapsed-sidebar.html (#1422)
1f797fd Fix README headers (#1425)
b12cc7d Updated changelog with already released versions (#1438)
26a5693 Fix Bootstrap version number (#1447)
4c25d55 Refromat code
eb782d7 Added CoPilot to example implementations. (#1359)
b7da81b Merge pull request #1355 from utsman/fix-comment
6f75436 Merge pull request #1398 from MrMitch/MrMitch-patch-name
d1dd9b8 Merge pull request #1417 from wandersonwhcr/fix-screenshot-markdown
936302b Fix screenshot mardown
a0475e0 fix name attribute in bower.json
235481d Remove font import from css and add it to html
b5f4bba Merge branch 'master' of
a1f6bb0 Update version to 2.3.12
61cd9ca Fix issue #1342
074d1ca Fix Comment

AdminLTE 2.4.0-alpha

@almasaeed2010 almasaeed2010 released this Mar 4, 2017

Release Notes

  • 37c8bbb Bump version up
  • 890ccbd Remove not needed comments
  • 30324f4 Fix direct chat toggle trigger
  • 324bca9 Activate bootstrap tooltips
  • 2c372a2 Create direct chat plugin
  • b04a994 Add deprecated notice
  • 201d482 Update readme
  • 57c62f4 Make JSHint happy
  • af4ece9 Update version
  • 3f5abdb Make documentation compatible with the new js
  • 383d685 Make pages compatible with the new js
  • 075fe29 Update todo list plugin usage example
  • 9f870d0 Add lint tasks and update less and js tasks
  • 3c672fe Separate treeview plugin and fix control sidebar for the fixed layout
  • a7d49bd Make JSHint ignore app.js
  • f02c61e Fix issue #1330 and update border colors
  • 469e9cd Update data selector to match the name of the plugin
  • 84ca9cd Make listeners specific to the element
  • 01b4740 Add more options and allow methods to get executed from outside the plugin
  • 17c9366 Compile LESS
  • 7cecd19 Add compiled JS plugins
  • d10ba04 Add TodoList plugin
  • 51142e7 Add BoxRefresh plugin
  • 28c75ef Add BoxWidget plugin
  • cdc2e7e Create control sidebar functionality
  • b5e6748 Create JSHINT rules for Gruntfile
  • 178adf5 Create PushMenu widget
  • 6683ab7 Create Layout widget
  • 7aa9f44 Create treeview css
  • bfbccf9 Create Tree widget
  • aa945e6 Update jquery to 3.1
  • d73be88 Add JSCS and JSHINT rules
  • f46e519 Make JSCS and JSHINT happy
  • be0a0b1 Comply with jscs and jshint

AdminLTE 2.3.11

@almasaeed2010 almasaeed2010 released this Jan 8, 2017 · 112 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

2be7032 Update colors @gray color to @gray-lte

AdminLTE 2.3.10

@almasaeed2010 almasaeed2010 released this Jan 8, 2017 · 113 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

95d377e Fix default box solid color issue

AdminLTE 2.3.9

@almasaeed2010 almasaeed2010 released this Jan 8, 2017 · 114 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

194f92b Remove test from starter page
0c4ca8c Merge branch 'PeterDaveHelloKitchen-image-optimize'
2f3d9ca Merge PR #1108 to optimize images
02efe00 Fix #1256
4758ab5 Fix #1269
b621ed7 Fix #1276
76e1d89 Fix #1296
b016468 Fix #1300
a527b7f Allow for adminlte without plugin override
8410b2f Merge pull request #1101 from almasaeed2010/issue-668
e73de15 Causes bootstrap slider to disappear Revert "Merge pull request #1186 from manhhailua/patch-1"
96174a1 Merge pull request #1186 from manhhailua/patch-1
1817e83 Merge pull request #1205 from tyrollins/master
fff9705 Merge pull request #1211 from cquanu/master
7ec1e07 Merge pull request #1224 from kennynaoh/master
3d4acd7 Fix typo
bb61097 Merge pull request #1239 from zzzeep/master
5ecdce9 Fix typo
508e4f0 Merge pull request #1242 from gauravmak/patch-1
70b95bb Merge pull request #1264 from Strato/patch-1
dc83709 Merge pull request #1286 from marcusportmann/master
09651c1 Merge branch 'master' of
eec8a98 add laravel implementation PR #1301
e736df9 Merge pull request #1268 from eryshev/master
12ea716 Happy New Years! <U+1F389>
90e62c2 Fixed jumping buttons with Bootstrap tooltip
e499f26 Run LESS
53b904d Remove font antialiasing
7ec587b Add option to control sidemenu's tree views.
0159d06 Fixed a typo
51bf7c4 Wrong Spell
6e2f5b0 Fix issue #1191
8a7b80c Add yarn lock file
7e011ed Removed redundant punctuation ":"
4de7984 Add CDNJS version badge in readme
8d21b84 Update BS to v3.3.7
7561213 remove unnecessary coma
821a3bc sliders bug fixes
0e601c1 optimize png images using zopflipng
b8ea25e Provide fix for issue #668