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Release Notes

The most prominent change in this version is the use of NPM and Bower to manage packages. However, some packages do not provide a fully compiled and usable version when downloaded via a package manager. Those packages remained in the plugins folder.

7cfbe94 Update npmignore
187dcfa add npmignore
f4ee8fb Use dependecy manager when applicable issue #1532
fbbc450 Fix issue #1547
4b0d73b Fix issue #1536
41d3db2 Fix issue #1549
6f77ce5 Fix #1490 disabled nav tab
87209a9 Update docs links
406cda2 Update links
c6b45cd Resolve conflict
a60df9f Merge branch 'v2.4.0-dev'
4169db0 (origin/v2.4.0-dev, v2.4.0-dev) Resolve conflicts
342a0ac Update dependencies
ec245fd Update README
ccb00cc Update modal page to add buttons and animation
7089f63 Update
bf174bf Fix typo in collapsed-sidebar.html (#1422)
1f797fd Fix README headers (#1425)
b12cc7d Updated changelog with already released versions (#1438)
26a5693 Fix Bootstrap version number (#1447)
4c25d55 Refromat code
eb782d7 Added CoPilot to example implementations. (#1359)
b7da81b Merge pull request #1355 from utsman/fix-comment
6f75436 Merge pull request #1398 from MrMitch/MrMitch-patch-name
d1dd9b8 Merge pull request #1417 from wandersonwhcr/fix-screenshot-markdown
936302b Fix screenshot mardown
a0475e0 fix name attribute in bower.json
235481d Remove font import from css and add it to html
b5f4bba Merge branch 'master' of
a1f6bb0 Update version to 2.3.12
61cd9ca Fix issue #1342
074d1ca Fix Comment