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Some notes on Jekyll


$ gem install jekyll

Creating a new site

$ jekyll new my-awesome-site

Running the server

There are two main options to generate the site and start the server so that it can be browsed at http://localhost:4000:

// option 1
$ cd my-awesome-site
$ jekyll serve

// option 2
$ cd my-awesome-site
$ jekyll serve --detach

Option 1 starts the server with auto-regeneration enabled (--no-watch can be specified to disable it). This way, the site will be automatically updated to reflect all changes in _posts. To kill the server, Ctrl + C.

Option 2 also starts the server but will detach from current terminal and auto-regeneration will be disabled. To then kill the server, find out its PID number and kill the process:

$ kill -9 pid-number

Modifications on _config.yml are never taken into consideration even if auto-regeneration mode is enabled (the server needs to be stopped and started again).


Every post has a header with some metadata, including this:

date: 2016-02-23 11:40:12 +0100

The post won't be generated and published if it contains a date in the future. So this can be a way to have drafts or to schedule future posts.

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