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Install MIT Scheme on Mac

In theory I just needed to use Homebrew to install MIT Scheme on macOS Sierra:

$ brew install mit-scheme

And at the end it has worked, although in the process a newer version of Ruby has been required, so I've needed to install RVM:

$ curl -sSL | bash -s stable --ruby

But that just didn't work because there were some problems with my Homebrew. So I've needed to update some things in my system first:

$ brew doctor

This has shown some recommendations, one of which was to install Xcode Command Line Tools:

$ xcode-select --install

And also to install many other packages:

$ brew install <...> <...> <...> <...>

But, again, after all this process I've finally been able to install MIT Scheme using Homebrew:

$ brew install mit-scheme

So finally I can play with Scheme's REPL:

$ scheme
MIT/GNU Scheme running under OS X
1 ]=> (define a 10)
;Value: a
1 ]=> a
;Value: 10
1 ]=> 

And I can also run my Scheme programs:

$ scheme --quiet < myprogram.scm
$ scheme < myprogram.scm