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This repository houses the websites for the Pepe Emoji Discord network. Notably, the and websites.

Local setup

This setup assumes you have Git, and Node.js setup on your machine. This repository requires Node.js version 16 or higher. This repository uses the Yarn 3 package manager, so you should have basic knowledge about how to use it. It also uses yarn workspaces to manage both websites from the root directory.

Cloning repository

  • git clone
  • cd pepe-website
  • yarn

Note: If you don't have yarn installed globally, you'll have to run npm i -g yarn.

Running the websites

  • To start the bot website: yarn bot dev
  • To start the main website: yarn main dev

Note: Most features of the websites require an API instance running, which is currently not publicly available.


The deployment of the websites is all automated by Vercel


pepe-website © almeidx, released under the ISC license.

GitHub @almeidx