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Contributions to the vis.js library are very welcome! We can't do this alone.


If you have any general question on how to use the vis.js library in your own project please check out stackoverflow for thinks like that. This is NOT a JavaScript help forum!

Bugs, Problems and Feature-Requests

If you really want to open a new issue:

  • Please use the search functionality to make sure that there is not already an issue concerning the same topic.
  • Please make sure to mention which module of vis.js (network, timeline, graph3d, ...) your are referring to.
  • If you think you found a bug please provide a simple example (e.g. on jsbin) that demonstrates the problem.
  • If you want to propose a feature-request please describe what you are looking for in detail, ideally providing a screenshot, drawing or something similar.
  • Close the issue later, when the issue is no longer needed.