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@@ -28,15 +28,18 @@ The vis.js library was initialy developed by [Almende B.V](
[![Dependency Status](](
-[![devDependency Status](](
-[![last version on CDNJS](](
+[![devDependency Status](](
-[![GitHub contributors](](
-[![GitHub stars](](
-[![GitHub issues](](
-[![Pending Pull-Requests](](
+[![last version on CDNJS](](
+[![GitHub contributors](](
+[![GitHub stars](](
-[![Code Climate](](
+[![GitHub issues](](
+[![Percentage of issues still open](]( "Percentage of issues still open")
+[![Average time to resolve an issue](]( "Average time to resolve an issue")
+[![Pending Pull-Requests](](
+[![Code Climate](](
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