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How can I fixate my div timeline, so it'll be always on the bottom of the screen?


Add to your css (assuming the dive has a class of timeline)

.timeline {
position: fixed;
Bottom: 0;
Tooa commented Jan 6, 2017

Does this answer your question @albertotimoteo? Then, feel free to close this issue.


It doesn't work, I have tried this before, and then I tried again. Vis simply doesn't draw my timeline and gives me a warning:
Something is wrong with the Timeline scale. Limited drawing of grid lines to 1000 lines. TimeAxis._repaintLabels @ vis.js:25198 TimeAxis.redraw @ vis.js:25084 (anonymous) @ vis.js:19556 Core._redraw @ vis.js:19555 (anonymous) @ vis.js:779

I created a div just like the page examples:
<div id="timeline" class="timeline"></div>

And added the style tag at the head of my page:
<style> .timeline { position: fixed; bottom: 0; } </style>

Without the style the timeline works fine, but with it, the console gives that warning and doesn't draw anything.


@albertotimoteo Can you please supply a jsbin so I can take a look at it?

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