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Copy Plugin for DocPad

Copies all files in the raw directory to out. Useful for large files that cause out of memory error when placed in files directory.


npm install --save docpad-plugin-copy


In most cases this plugin is drop in replacement of raw plugin. However there are some scenarios where you should use raw plugin.

Extra features and improvements

This plugin does not support custom commands as raw plugin does. This plugin does not use ncp neither. If you need any of those options please use raw.

What this plugin is doing differently is just the way it copies the files from raw folder. While raw plugin copies each file on every generation and regeneration which might take a lot of time, this plugin copies only files that have been changed from previous regeneration and this can easily speed up the generation process from minutes to seconds.

This plugin is a must for almost any docpad site except very small ones that does not have many files. If you are used to raw plugin this one will speed docpad even more.

Basic Usage

If no configuration is specified it will copy raw folder in out so its pretty much the same as Raw Plugin

Custom Configuration

Set as many sources as you want. Path should be relative to the src directory. If you want you can specify destination folder with out option, it is relative to out directory.

            src: 'raw'
            src: 'app'
            src: 'sys'
            out: 'admin/cpanel'

Extra Optimization

If you want to speed up your DocPad generation and regeneration you should use raw folder for any file that does not change very often. This is because every change of a file in src foder triggers full regeneration except when the file is marked as standalone. And it much easier to make files in static folder treated as standalone. You can easily move files and folders from static to raw and vice versa without any changes to the layouts and documents.

Best approach is to put your vendor scripts in raw folder as well as large data files, images and fonts, because they don't change often. Your script files should better stay in static folder. To mark your static files as standalone you have to add this configuration do

    extendCollections: (opts) ->
        @docpad.getCollection('files').on('add', (document) ->

It's not bad idea to mark all your scripts and styles as standalone also. This is the configuration for the best performance combined with the usage of this plugin.

    extendCollections: (opts) ->
        @docpad.getCollection('files').on('add', (document) ->
        @docpad.getCollection('stylesheet').on('add', (document) ->
        @docpad.getCollection('scripts').on('add', (document) ->


Copies all files in the raw directory to out. Useful for large files that cause out of memory error when placed in files directory. This plugin is an alternative to the raw plugin.




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