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"""ACLs handlers for the application.
We define here who should have access to the resources. Each resource handler
takes two arguments: the action and the request, then determines if the user can
access the resource.
from functools import partial
def crud_acl_handler(resource):
"""Utility used to generate generic ACLs based on resources and profile.
return partial(_crud_acl, resource)
def _crud_acl(resource,request, action, can_view=True):
if action in ('create', 'update', 'delete'):
return _profile_based_acl(request, 'university')
elif action in ('view',):
return can_view
def _profile_based_acl(request, resource):
"""A default profile based ACL ruler.
return getattr(request.user.get_profile(), 'can_manage_' + resource)()
return False