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Shortcut is a tiny utility to manage bookmarks for your shell.

It provides a simple command line to do all you want to do with your bookmarks: to.

Install shorcut

From gems

You can rely on the gem systems to install shorcut:

$ gem install shortcut

Then, you will need to source a special file in you .bashrc, .zshrc or whatever, that will be read at the beginning of your shell session.

From sources

You can also choose to install shortcut from sources:

$ git clone https://ametaireau@github.com/ametaireau/shortcut.git
$ ???

How to use shorcut

Shortcut is really simple. Say you want to go to a particular path, for which you have already created an shortcut:

$ to foobar
sorry, unable to get a shortcut for 'foobar'

Obviously, that's because you need to create the bookmark:

$ to --create foobar

--create will create or update a bookmark with the name name, pointing to the current directory. You can also specify the path you want the bookmarks points to:

$ to --create foobaz /path/to/your/folder
added an alias foobaz to /path/to/your/folder

If you want to overwrite an already existing bookmark, you can use the --overwrite option:

$ to --create foobar /path/to/your/folder --overwrite
added an alias foobar to /path/to/your/folder

You can also list all the existing bookmarks:

$ to --list

    foobar     /path/to/your/folder
    foobaz     /path/to/your/folder

And remove some if you want to:

$ to --remove foobar

By default, the backend is a SQLite database, but you can use a Redis server if you want (once again, it was just for the sake of implementing a redis backend, that's doesnt sound very useful :)):

$ to --redis


Shortcut have dependencies to Redis and SQLite3, depending on the backend you want to use. Redis also need the SystemTimer gem to be installed.


This software have been made to learn ruby. So it's far from perfect and not really made to be usable. I mean by that that here I'm using a sqlite database to store bookmarks. I found that's a bit overkill. Still, I'd learned how to query sqlite databases ! So the point is not to make something really useful, but to learn how those are working :)

Don't hesitate to provide me any feedback if you want to, I'll be happy to learn what I've made wrong.