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Convert web pages to mp3 files

Disclaimer: this has been done for my own use, feel free to use it and submit changes, but I probably won't spend a lot of time maintaining it.

This is a tiny web extension which does two things:

  • It allows you to convert your shazam tags into mp3 files;
  • It allows you to download any Youtube page as an mp3 file.


First, this extension requires some steps before working properly.

It requires that you install the python application locally, and that you install the youtube-dl package.

You will also need to add the native messaging app to the known ones.

On any linux machine, all of this can be accomplished with the following commands:

apt install youtube-dl python3
mkdir ~/.apps && mkdir ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/
wget -O ~/.apps/
wget -O ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/web2mp3.json
chmod +x ~/.apps/
chmod +x ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/web2mp3.json
sed -i "s:/home/alexis/.apps:`echo ~/.apps`:g" ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/web2mp3.json

Then, install the extension.

Of course, you can install in a different location, just think about updating your paths!

Then, head to any youtube page, or to your shazams and click on the icon next to the URL. Your shazam tags will be automatically downloaded and available in ~/web2mp3.

Enjoy ;)


Firefox Webextension to convert web resources to mp3 files (including shazam tags)



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