A Library Weasel plugin for exploring linked data focusing on JSON-LD.
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A toolkit for working with linked data.

This project has the following settings that can be set with environment variables or Java properties.

  • LIGATURE_PORT - the port used by this application, default 5055
  • LIGATURE_SOLR_PORT - the port of the Solr instance used, default 8983
  • LIGATURE_NO_AUTH - set to true to disable auth (only use locally), default false
  • LIGATURE_KEYCLOAK_PORT - if auth is enabled the port of Keycloak instance, default 8080
  • LIGATURE_KEYCLOAK_OIDC_JSON - if auth is enabled this is the location of the OIDC JSON config from Keycloak, no default must be manually set, see docs for information

Example running this project

gradle jibDockerBuild
docker run -e "LIGATURE_NO_AUTH=true" -p 5055:5055 almibe/ligature