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Interactive visualization of assembly graphs
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Assembly Graph Browser (AGB)

Provides interactive visualization of assembly graphs, a wide range of tuning parameters, and various options for modifying/simplifying the graph.


Install conda if you don't have one:

wget -O
bash -b -p ./miniconda
export PATH=$(pwd)/miniconda/bin:$PATH

Create a new conda environment and install AGB into it:

conda create -c almiheenko -c bioconda -n AGB agb

Activate the environment:

source activate AGB


Run AGB to visualize an assembly graph: --graph <GFA(1,2)/FASTG/Graphviz file> -a <assembler_name>

Run AGB on an assembler output folder to visualize an assembly graph with additional useful information. Supported assemblers in this mode: Canu, Flye, SPAdes. -i <assembler_output_dir> -a <assembler_name>

The assembly graph viewer will be saved to agb_output/viewer.html.


Examples of the input data can be found here

You can see AGB examples here


Useful information can be found here


Alla Mikheenko, Mikhail Kolmogorov, "Assembly Graph Browser: interactive visualization of assembly graphs", Bioinformatics. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btz072

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