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author: Alexandre Archambault
title: 0.3.1

almond `0.3.1` was just released.
This release contains updates along with a fix to have almond work
on [Colaboratory](, thanks to
the only [Shadaj Laddad](!

## Updates

This release switches to [Ammonite]( `1.6.4`,
fs2 `1.0.4`, and jeromq `0.5.0`, among others.

Ammonite `1.6.4` mainly switched from scalaj-http to requests-scala. It also
doesn't print back private values, e.g.
private val n = 2
val m = n + 1
just prints back
m: Int = 3
rather than
n: Int = 2
m: Int = 3
(`n` isn't accessible in subsequent code, so it doesn't make much sense to pretty-print it.)

## Colaboratory

[Shadaj Laddad]( contributed a fix allowing almond
to run fine on [Colaboratory](

For the braves, the [following notebook]( ([more
stable link](
allows one to setup almond in a [Colaboratory]( environment.

As using custom kernels isn't an official feature of Colaboratory yet, one
cannot start almond sessions straightaway. Instead, an almond notebook has to
be imported. Imported notebooks will have the right kernel.
For example, notebooks from
the [almond examples repository](,
can be imported, and modified / run, once almond is installed.

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