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The API of almond is two-fold:
- the [Ammonite API]( gives access to the REPL internals
(loading dependencies, evaluating code, getting the full classpath),
- the [almond Jupyter API]( allows to communicate with
- the [almond Jupyter API]( allows to communicate with
Jupyter front-ends.

Both of these APIs can be used:
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title: Generate the website

Install pre-requisites with
Make sure you have installed *Ammonite*, *npm* and yarn.

Then run
$ sbt \
interpreter-api/exportVersions \
interpreter-api/publishLocal \
amm scripts/ --npmInstall true --yarnRunBuild true --publishLocal true

Then run
If you're getting an error message like `Cannot resolve $file import: almond/scripts/website/`
make sure you have checked out the git submodule for the website script:

$ scripts/
git submodule init
git submodule update

If the generation is successful, this should print instructions to run
a small webserver serving the website, like
If the generation is successful, you can run a small webserver to serve the website locally, like

$ npx http-server docs/website/build/almond
$ npx http-server docs/website/build

This command should itself print the address to access the local website,
like ``.
This command should print the address to access the local website, like ``.

## Watch sources

Pass `--watch` to `` above,
$ scripts/ --watch
To watch sources and rebuild/hot-reload on changes in `docs/pages` or `docs/website` run

In another terminal, go under the `docs/website` directory, and run
$ yarn start
$ amm scripts/ --yarnRunBuild true --watch true

This should open a browser window, pointing at the locally running website.
@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ class HomeSplash extends React.Component {
<div className="inner">
<ProjectTitle />
<Button href="">Try it online</Button>
<Button href="">Try it online</Button>
<Button href={docUrl('try-docker', language)}>Try it with docker</Button>
<Button href={docUrl('quick-start-install', language)}>Install</Button>

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