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Use jupyter/base-notebook as base docker image

Rather than jupyter/minimal-notebook, which adds around 2 GB.
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alexarchambault committed Aug 12, 2019
1 parent 9748e4b commit f333d5e8b2b17e8de38c78ea7ac9feae84538539
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@@ -6,12 +6,32 @@
# Can be used to create an image with a locally built almond that isn't on maven central yet.

FROM almondsh/almond:coursier as local_ivy_yes
FROM jupyter/base-notebook as coursier_base

USER root

RUN apt-get -y update && \
apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y \
curl \
openjdk-8-jre-headless \
ca-certificates-java && \
apt-get clean && \
rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

RUN curl -Lo /usr/local/bin/coursier && \
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/coursier


# ensure the JAR of the CLI is in the coursier cache, in the image
RUN /usr/local/bin/coursier --help

FROM coursier_base as local_ivy_yes
ONBUILD RUN mkdir -p .ivy2/local/
ONBUILD COPY --chown=1000:100 ivy-local/ .ivy2/local/

FROM almondsh/almond:coursier as local_ivy_no
FROM coursier_base as local_ivy_no

FROM local_ivy_${LOCAL_IVY}

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