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Maintaining and Tracking XRayInterfaces

We have shown that XRayInterface provides a convenient interface to reflection. Yet it is not completely robust against refactorings. So we have to find a way to provide robustness with other means. Our Recommendation: Just write a test for each pair of closed classes and feature interfaces, e.g. for the upper example:

import static net.amygdalum.xrayinterface.XRayMatcher.providesFeaturesOf;

	public void testPreventRuntimeErrorsOnXRaying() throws Exception {
		assertThat(House.class, providesFeaturesOf(XRayed.class));
		assertThat(House.class, providesFeaturesOf(XRayedKey.class));
		assertThat(House.class, providesFeaturesOf(XRayedLock.class));