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XRayInterface vs. Java Reflection

The typical way to access a private method in Java with Reflection is:

  1. lookup of the class of the object to access

    Class<?> clazz = object.getClass();
  2. wrapping of param types into arrays

    Class<?>[] paramTypes = new Class<?>[]{char[].class};
  3. lookup of the member to access

    Method m = clazz.getDeclaredMethod("callExample", args);
  4. enabling access for private methods/fields

  5. wrapping arguments into arrays

    Object[] args = new Object[]{"chars".toCharArray()};
  6. indirectly setting, getting, invoking members

    Object result = m.invoke(object, args);
  7. converting the result type

    int intResult = ((Integer) result).intValue();

XRayInterface does not bother you with that boilerplate code:

  1. Just define the interface

    interface Example {
      int callExample(char[] characters);
  2. Then bind it:

    Example example = XRayInterface.xray(object).to(Example.class);
  3. And call it:

    int intResult = example.callExample("chars".toCharArray());