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Bind is an open source, experimental tool for designing interfaces. It's a native OSX app that allows you to design using GSS, an auto-layout like language for describing an interface via constraints. Bind is not meant to replace tools like Sketch, Photoshop or Framer, but is instead suited for the niche task of laying out user interfaces. For more background info, see the blog post I wrote about it.

Download for OSX from the Releases page


  • Write GSS manually or automate it with built in UIs
  • Add constraints to multiple elements at once
  • Creates .bind files which can be easily version controlled with Git and other tools
  • Supports emmet for HTML and CSS
  • Native OSX app with Yosemite integration
  • Presentation mode
  • Built in web console (Right click > Inspect)

Planned features

  • 1-click sharing
  • Visual versioning
  • Conditional constraints UI (responsive)

Getting started

Check out the example login.bind for an overview of the basics. Important to note: for an element to be accessible via the UI it must have an id= attribute.

Building from source

Bind is a hybrid web & native application. Dependencies:

  • jsx node module
  • XCode 6.3
  • OSX 10.10 and higher

cd ~/bind/public

jsx --watch views/ dist/

cd ../; open Bind.xcodeproj


A design tool for interfaces


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