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lab4: c06927d9c662593b40f32b32caca349bcdab308c

Lab 4 Summary
Ben Kazan, Brendan Almonte, Kevin Swain
SAK Language

Work Done: 
Configured Git for all of the collaborators
Broke AST down into classes to make it easier to work with
Implemented symbol table in project
Implemented strings in AST for our language using the Chars class
Began to implement expressions in AST, did not finish in time for submission deadline
Updated readme with commit info

Made sure everyone was able to push/pull to repository
Created strings with the language
Created some values and printed the symbol table to verify it was working properly

lab5: e0d1d73d77ee078b1955

Lab 5 summary -

Worked with the gold parser builder to successfully write a grammar and parse sample code.

Tested using 
for (a < 1) loop { a => 2 + 3} end for