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Yahoo's Awesome (WM) Weather Notification

Yawn is a module for Awesome WM providing brief and compact weather notification via naughty lib and Yahoo! Weather API.

Originally a fork of perceptive, it became a completely new module after various improvements and style changes.


Clone yawn repository into your $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/awesome (Awesome config dir). Then, add in your rc.lua:


where the function argument is so-called WOEID code of your city. To obtain it you can google 'yahoo weather %CITYNAME%' and follow the first link. It will look like

and the last number in that link will be the ID you need.

Default units and text widget color are Celsius and #D7D7D7, but they can be changed. If you just want to change the color, add a second argument like this:

yawn.register(123456, "#EEEEEE")

if you want to set Fahrenheit units, add a third argument like this:

yawn.register(123456, "#EEEEEE", "f")

color argument can be nil if you don't want to change it.

Finally, add yawn to your wibox of choice, for instance:


if you just want the notification attached to an existent widget, use attach instead:

yawn.attach(*yourwidget*, 123456)


yawn.attach(*yourwidgetagain*, 123456, "f")

you can also create a shortcut for the weather popup. In my rc.lua I've got this:

awful.key({ altkey,  }, "w", function () yawn.show_weather(5) end) 

where altkey is set right below modkey like this:

altkey = "Mod1"

so I can call the popup for 5 seconds pressing Alt+w.


The default language is English, but if you wish to have a localization, you have to add a proper file in localizations. You'll find a template to fill in the subdirectory.

Once you're done, rename it like your locale id, without ".utf8". In my case:

$ lua
Lua 5.2.1  Copyright (C) 1994-2012, PUC-Rio
> print(os.getenv("LANG"))

hence my file (Italian localization) has been named "it_IT".

NOTE: If you create a localization, feel free to send me! I will add it.



(Tamsyn font with Rainbow theme)