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Code Extension

Extension which provides support for code highlighting to Radiant CMS.


Somewhere in head of your pages put tags <r:include_code_stylesheets /> and <r:include_code_javascripts />. These tags will include code stylesheets for selected theme and required javascripts (if you use client-side library). Also, you may not to use these tags, but include required files manually (for example, if you are using your own customized theme or javascript library).

In your pages put code between <r:code> and </r:code> tags. Supported attributes:

  • lang - Code language. Set of supported languages depends on used code processor.

  • lines - Render line numbers: 'table','inline' or nil


You may specify preferred code processor in code.processor setting. Currently supported processors:

You may specify theme in code.theme setting. Supported themes depends on selected processor.

In code.language setting you may specify default language, which is supposed in tags without lang attribute. If there are no such setting, ruby language is used.

Copyright © 2009 Alexey Noskov