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My "local" pkgsrc category.

  • tor-proxies - socat wrapper script to connect to over tor and ssh wrapper
  • icc11 - historical Intel compiler
  • *-chroot - launchers for chrooted packages

Clone this repository to your root pkgsrc directory.

How to chroot www/firefox on NetBSD

This quick guide explains how to install www/firefox on NetBSD into chroot directory /home/webuser-chroot and run it under webuser user.

The guide assumes that www/firefox is built with the following options:

PKG_OPTIONS.firefox=		-dbus -alsa -pulseaudio oss

Your X(7) must be reconfigured to listen tcp:

# .xserverrc
X -listen tcp

Don't forget to disable non-local hosts with xhost or by adding entries to /etc/X0.hosts.

Export variables

export TMPDIR=/tmp
export CHROOT=/home/webuser-chroot
export PACKAGES=/path/to/pkgsrc/packages

Create barebone NetBSD base

Run these commands as root:

umask 022

for d in dev etc/openssl/certs tmp usr/pkg/etc/fontconfig var/db/pkg var/shm var/tmp webuser
	mkdir -p "${CHROOT:?}/$d"

chown webuser:webuser "${CHROOT:?}/webuser"

Temporary directories and /var/shm should be accessible to everyone and they should have sticky flags set:

chmod a+rwxt "${CHROOT:?}/tmp" "${CHROOT:?}/var/tmp" "${CHROOT:?}/var/shm"

The above command also creates /var/shm for the new shared memory API but the current version (46.0.1) of www/firefox still uses the old API. It case it changes in a future, you should add a new mountpoint to /etc/fstab:

tmpfs		/home/webuser-chroot/var/shm	tmpfs	rw,noexec,nocoredump,-m1777,-sram%5

The next command is very important because your firefox process must have access to random bits. For some reason, firefox doesn't complain if these special files aren't accessible.

pax -rw /dev/random /dev/urandom /dev/null /dev/sound* /dev/mixer* "${CHROOT:?}"

chmod a+w "${CHROOT:?}/dev/null"

Next, create empty files in /etc:

touch "${CHROOT:?}/etc/passwd" "${CHROOT:?}/etc/fstab" "${CHROOT:?}/etc/mime.types"

You also need /etc/resolv.conf. If you run dns (for instance, net/dnsmasq) on your local machine, you can add localhost:

echo nameserver > "${CHROOT:?}/etc/resolv.conf"

Install www/firefox and fonts/dejavu-ttf

Some of www/firefox dependencies are shared libaries from the base NetBSD system. They can be listed with a special command but it only works for installed packages. We install www/firefox and fonts/dejavu-ttf first and then go back to installing the barebone base system.

export PKG_PATH="${PACKAGES:?}"
pkg_add -P "${CHROOT:?}" -K var/db/pkg firefox dejavu-ttf gnome-icon-theme gnome-theme

Create barebone NetBSD base, part 2

Now list all dependencies with pkg_info -Q REQUIRES and install them with pax -rw:

pkg_info -K "${CHROOT:?}/var/db/pkg" -Q REQUIRES -a | grep -v /usr/pkg/ | pax -rw "${CHROOT:?}"

pkg_info -K "${CHROOT:?}/var/db/pkg" -Q REQUIRES -a | grep -v /usr/pkg/ | xargs readlink -f | pax -rw "${CHROOT:?}"

Install the runtime linker:

pax -rw /libexec/ld.elf_so /usr/libexec/ld.elf_so "${CHROOT:?}"

Install i18n libraries and other i18n files:

pax -rw /usr/lib/i18n /usr/share/i18n "${CHROOT:?}"


Install root certificates:

mozilla-rootcerts -d "${CHROOT:?}" install

Configure fonts:

cp "${CHROOT:?}/usr/pkg/share/examples/fontconfig/fonts.conf" "${CHROOT:?}/usr/pkg/etc/fontconfig/fonts.conf"

chroot "${CHROOT:?}" /usr/pkg/bin/fc-cache -f

Firefox complains about missing /usr/pkg/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders.cache (version number may be different). This file can be generated:

chroot "${CHROOT:?}" /usr/pkg/bin/gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders --update-cache


Packages in pkgsrc are rarely split into subpackages like libxxx, xxx-dev, xxx-doc etc. This introduces some unnecessary dependencies like lang/python or lang/perl. They can be removed with pkg_delete -f:

pkg_delete -P "${CHROOT:?}" -K var/db/pkg -f perl python27 mozilla-rootcerts

Next, find suid and guid binaries:

find "${CHROOT:?}" -perm -4000 -o -perm -2000

and identify packages for deletion with pkg_info -F (there are none for the current version of www/firefox):

pkg_info -K "${CHROOT:?}/var/db/pkg" -F /usr/pkg/bin/firefox

Start firefox

/usr/bin/env -i USER=webuser HOME=/webuser DISPLAY= \
	/usr/sbin/chroot -u webuser /home/webuser-chroot /usr/pkg/bin/firefox 

or install local/firefox-chroot from this repository and run firefox-chroot.


To generate a dependency graph of installed packages, run the following command as a regular user:

pkgdepgraph -d "${CHROOT:?}/var/db/pkg" | dot -Tsvg -o "${CHROOT:?}/tmp/pkgdepgraph.svg"


My "local" pkgsrc category



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