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A simple Rails 3 engine gem to manage and send newsletters and email marketing campaigns.
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Campagne is a simple Rails 3 engine gem. It adds a admin painel (/campagne) to manage and send newsletters, email marketing campaigns, alerts, etc.

Campagne uses resque-scheduler to schedule deliveries.

1) Install redis and run redis-server

$ redis-server

2) Rails 3 Gem

Include it in your Gemfile.

gem 'campagne'

Next install it with Bundler.

$ bundle

3) Generator

Run campagne generator.

$ rails g campagne

Change config/initializers/campagne.rb configs.

4) Migration

Run migration.

$ rake db:migrate

5) Start

Start Resque workers and resque-scheduler:

$ rake resque:start_workers
$ rake resque:start_scheduler

Now start your application:

$ rails s

And open:

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