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== 1.0.12 / 2008-10-7
== 1.0.11 / 2008-09-21
* Fixed the h! command that was recursing within itself.
* Added Ruby2Ruby dependency to allow the developer to create
classes with IRB, by reopening and changing it and then
editing the whole thing within vi or textmate. by Fabio
* Editing from an outside editor doesn't change the history
so fixed with the reload of the externally edited program
within the history. by Fabio Akita
* Trying to fix the gemspec so Github can automatically
build the gem. by Fabio Akita
== 1.0.10 / 2008-09-20
* New "print_methods" for any class to print all the available methods
from itself and its superclass, included modules, etc with a more
visually compeling organization. by Fabio Akita
* Added 'clear_history' command to clear the Readline history. by
Fabio Akita
* Fixed the edit_interactively method that was failing for vi. And
fixed the \r line break to replace it to \n. by Fabio Akita
== 1.0.0 / 2007-11-03
* 1 major enhancement
* Birthday!