Install utility which uses Puppet modules to deploy OpenStack
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Utility to install openstack on RHEL 6.3 (Openstack Folsom)
See other branches for older openstack versions

This utility can be used to install openstack on a single or
group of hosts (over ssh)

This utility is still in the early stages, a lot of the configuration
options have yet to be added

$ yum install -y git
$ git clone --recursive git://
$ cd packstack

Option 1 (using answer file)
$ ./bin/packstack --gen-answer-file=ans.txt

# then edit ans.txt as appropriate e.g.
o set CONFIG_SSH_KEY to a public ssh key to be installed to remote machines
o Edit to anywhere you want to install a piece of openstack on another server
o Edit the 3 network interfaces to whatever makes sense in your setup
o If your testing on a vm then set CONFIG_LIBVIRT_TYPE=qemu

$ ./bin/packstack --answer-file=ans.txt

Option 2 (prompts for configuration options)
$ ./bin/packstack

thats it, if everything went well you can now start using openstack
$ cd
$ . keystonerc_admin
$ nova list
$ swift list  # if you have installed swift

Config options
        set to kvm if on baremetal or qemu if testing on a vm
        a comma seperated list of ip addresses on which to install nova compute
        a comma seperate list of swift storage devices  : create a testing loopback device and use this for storage : use /dev/sdb on as a storage device