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This repository contains the Python version of the R programs described in the great book Doing bayesian data analysis (first edition) by John K. Kruschke (AKA the puppy book).

All the code is adapted from the Kruschke's book, except that is taken (without modifications) from the PyMC project.

The name of the programs are the same used in the book, except they begin with a number indicating the chapter. All programs are written in Python and instead of BUGS/JAGS the PyMC3 module is used.

Thanks to Brian Naughton the code is also available as an IPython notebook

Second edition

If you are interested on the PyMC3 code for the second edition of Doing bayesian data analysis, please check this Repository.


Python/PyMC3 versions of the programs described in Doing bayesian data analysis by John K. Kruschke



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