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652cd17 @balupton Updated readme to reflect version, and added a changelog
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1 # Aloha Editor Changelog
3 This document is to serve as a "what has been done" in terms of the [Roadmap](
96521fa Updated changelog
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5 ## 0.20.0-RC1 - 2011/11
7 - browser-plugin: Fixed a bug that prevented the browser plugin to load its dependencies correctly.
e1b00b8 @npomaroli Fixed bug in link-plugin, which prevented correct selection of items …
npomaroli authored
8 - link-plugin: Fixed a bug that prevented correct selection of items from the repository browser when a new link was created on a fresh loaded page.
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d55ff57 @draftkraft updated changelog
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10 ## 0.20-BETA - 2011/11
74b8566 @draftkraft updated changelog
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11 - core: Add option for "cls" property to be added to ui-attributefields. cls will be an optional extra CSS class that will be added to this component's Element. This can be useful for adding customized styles to the component or any of its children using standard CSS rules. (!/api/Ext.AbstractComponent-cfg-cls)
12 - ribbon-plugin: The ribbon will no longer be visible by default. Instead you can use the show function to make it appear.
13 - image-plugin: The plugin will now use a different method to calculate the width/height when using a fixed aspect ratio.
14 - core: Fixed floatingmenu to stay visible, if pinned and window is resized.
15 - core: Added new Method to FloatingMenu: activateTabOfButton(name) will activate the tab containing the button with given name (if tab is visible)
16 - core: Fixed all plugins to not use FloatingMenu.userActivatedTab, but FloatingMenu.activateTabOfButton instead. This will ensure that switching Tabs will also work, if floatingmenu is configured individually.
c14adf2 @cprerovsky added missing entries to changelog
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17 - link-plugin
18 - fixed link-plugin to bind events to links when editables are created. Also bind events to new created links. This ensures that Hotkey CTRL+L to create a new link works, and links can be followed by clicking on them while holding CTRL
19 - enforced correct highlighting of selection within the input field
20 - fixed handling of external links. Previously it was not possible to change a repository link to an external link.
21 - initially clicking on an existing link before the link tab has been rendered would leave you with an empty href field. This is actually an ExtJS issue, which has been workarounded.
22 - fixed: autosuggest sometimes left fragments on the screen when closing the autosuggest field early.
ca706f8 @cprerovsky fixes for link plugin and the repo browser
cprerovsky authored
23 - <b>NOTE</b> the default behaviour for the link plugin has changed. Links with empty hrefs will not be removed automatically any longer - removing the current href has to be confirmed by pressing enter to delete the link itself. Use the unlink button to remove the link directly.
74b8566 @draftkraft updated changelog
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24 - listenforcer-plugin: fixed a bug which would cause an error when activating or deactivating an editable
b8b126a @Jotschi Merge branch 'release-0.20.0' of …
Jotschi authored
25 - listenforcer-plugins: Fixed a possible jquery error within the listforcer plugin. Previously this plugin was not requiring aloha using require.js. This was now corrected.
74b8566 @draftkraft updated changelog
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26 - format-plugin: tags removed by the "remove format" button may now be configured by setting Aloha.settings.plugins.format.removeFormats = ['b', 'strong', 'whatever']; The default set of formats to be removed is: 'strong', 'em', 'b', 'i', 'cite', 'q', 'code', 'abbr', 'del', 'sub', 'sup'
ca706f8 @cprerovsky fixes for link plugin and the repo browser
cprerovsky authored
27 - browser-plugin
28 - The browser now supports i18n and has better paging support, if the repositories provides meta information (numItems, hasMoreItems)
29 - fixed a bug with the paging algorithm when jumping to the last page
648c206 @Jotschi The sidebar can now be disabled using the Aloha.settings.sidebar.disa…
Jotschi authored
30 - sidebar: The sidebar can now be disabled using the Aloha.settings.sidebar.disabled flag.
74b8566 @draftkraft updated changelog
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31 - core: added +Aloha.ready( function() {} )+
32 - core: Aloha base url is now auto-detected
33 - core: Aloha plugins are now loaded in through `data-plugins="format,table"` on the aloha `script` element
34 - See demos for more usage information
35 - core: moved to requireJS
652cd17 @balupton Updated readme to reflect version, and added a changelog
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36 - Structure overhaul
37 - `WebContent` is now `src`
38 - `build/out` is now `out`
80b6ea2 @cprerovsky added plugin naming documentation to the CHANGELOG
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39 - Plugins are now nicely named, and have dropped their ExtJS prefixes. Eg. the format plugin was renamed from 'com.gentics.aloha.plugins.Format' to 'format'. Have a look at the plugin folder for a complete overview of new plugin names.
74b8566 @draftkraft updated changelog
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40 - refactored respecting commonJS package structure
aae8935 @cprerovsky Merge branch 'release-0.20.0' of …
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41 - AMD loading - Convert Plugins to RequireJS structure - improved plugin lodaing (lib, css, doc, i18n) - Major Source Code Structure Refinements - build - CSS Bundling & Compression - JavaScript Bundling & Compression - The GENTICS namespace has been completely removed from all objects in Aloha Editor's core - Building overhaul - Building has moved from Java + Ant to Node.js + Buildr - Building now runs in seconds instead of minutes, with greater compression ratios - Building will run strict JSHint code quality tests - Output is now more consistent with source, demos can remain untouched between using the src and out versions - JavaScript and CSS files are now bundled into `aloha.js` and `aloha.css`- core: documentation
74b8566 @draftkraft updated changelog
draftkraft authored
42 - guides for using Aloha Editor
43 - JSdoc
44 - core: tests
45 - added testbox for developer
46 - commandAPI test suite
47 - improve core tests
48 - added plugin API tests
49 - added repository API tests
50 - core: ranslations as JSON files
51 - core: Support for Opera (>11)
52 - core: update jQuery to 1.7
53 - contenthandler-plugin: (for copy/paste)
54 - sanitize (configureable HTML elements and attributes)
55 - word
56 - generic (for html and text)
57 - core: implemented Aloha.execCommand stack
58 - Bold
59 - Delete
60 - ForwardDelete
61 - InsertParagraph
62 - InsertLineBreak
63 - InsertHTML
64 - InsertOrderedList
65 - InsertUnorderedList
66 - Indent
67 - Outdent
68 - table-plugin
69 - merging and splitting
70 - repair tables if they are broken
71 - list-plugin
72 - fixed issues in IE with empty list nodes
73 - sidebar-plugin: new
74 - image: new
75 - horizontalruler-plugin: new
76 - characterpicker-plugin: new
77 - undo-plugin: new
78 - new extra plugins
79 - cite
80 - headerids
81 - metaview
82 - wai-lang
83 - speak
84 - googletranslate
178765f @Jotschi Added changelog entries for CS changes
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85 - Introduced a new plugin that numerates all headers. (e.g. 1. Header1 1.1 Header2 2 Header1 ....)
86 - Introduced a new plugin that lets you paste from word without formating. It will strip formatings like bold, italic, ...
74b8566 @draftkraft updated changelog
draftkraft authored
fe2f441 @deliminator Fixes problems with the genericcontenthandler on editable initialization
deliminator authored
88 - Fixed: the genericcontenthandler caused problems when an editable was initialized
90 The genericcontenthandler was enabled by default for the initialization of editables. The genericcontenthandler is too brutal and does more cleanups and conversions than one would normally want. The fix was to remove the genericcontenthandler from the default setting.
92 In particular, the conversion from strong tags to b tags (and other tag conversions) is unwanted.
94 An issue was created for a replacement of the genericcontenthandler for the initialization of editables:
69e1ac9 @cprerovsky moved extjs bug workaround from ui-attributefield to link-plugin.js a…
cprerovsky authored
1b326e9 @cprerovsky added topalignOffset to the floatingmenu.js
cprerovsky authored
97 - FloatingMenu
98 The FloatingMenu now accepts the Aloha.settings.floatingmenu.topalignOffset setting, which will define the vertical offset to the editable when the "topalign" behavior is used. The default value is 90px, so if you activate the FloatingMenu's topalign behaviour the FloatingMenu will hover 90px above the currently active editable. Switch it to any meaningful integer offset you prefer.
652cd17 @balupton Updated readme to reflect version, and added a changelog
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74b8566 @draftkraft updated changelog
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100 ## 0.10.-0.19.0
101 The reason for not releasing this builds was the ongoing refactoring of the core engine to implement all functionallities based on execCommand.
102 Non of these releases reached a production ready state. We still increased the release number due to the fact that we also tested the new release process with maven and archivia and it would brake dependencies if we wouldn't have increased the version number.
652cd17 @balupton Updated readme to reflect version, and added a changelog
balupton authored
74b8566 @draftkraft updated changelog
draftkraft authored
105 ## 0.9.3 - October 2010
652cd17 @balupton Updated readme to reflect version, and added a changelog
balupton authored
106 - Link/Href handling
107 - Repository browser
108 - As well as sample Delicious and LinkList Repositories
109 - Textarea and $('#myTextarea').aloha() support
110 - Table plugin
111 - Paste from Microsoft Word
112 - Plugins are now submodules
113 - Abbreviation plugin
88a07e3 @Jotschi Added new changelog entry
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114 - LinkChecker plugin
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