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  • BUG: In the sidebar the panel entry for the format plugin was always shown; now when the formatOptions is empty the empty (useless) sidebar panel will be hidden
  • BUG: Align Plugin button status was not shown correctly
  • FEATURE: Image Caption Plugin: caption now supports sanitize contenthandler & disable / enable of line breaks; Aloha.settings.contentHandler.handler: { sanitize: { '.aloha-captioned-image-caption': { elements: [ 'em', 'strong' ] } } }

    Aloha.settings.plugins: { captionedImage: { allowLinebreak: [ 'p' ], // ['br', 'p'], true or false (default) } }

  • MANUAL CHANGE: Updated UI CSS regarding button selector;

  • MANUAL CHANGE: Added a demo of placeholders to boilerplate;
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