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Aloha Editor Changelog

This document is to serve as a "what has been done" in terms of the Roadmap

All changes are categorized into one of the following keywords:

  • BUG: The change fixes a bug.
  • ENHANCEMENT: The change improves the software, but otherwise makes no functional change to any feature.
  • FEATURE: The change introduces a new feature, or modifies the function, usage, or intent of an existing one.
  • MANUAL CHANGE: The change requires changes to existing implementation.

0.20.12 - 2012/05/24

  • MANUAL CHANGE: wai-lang: The wai lang plugin will now fail loading when the flag-icons plugin was not loaded. Previously the plugin did not fail loading but showed broken flag icon images. Please note that it is currently mandatory to add third party dependencies for some plugins to the data-aloha-plugins attribute otherwise those dependencies can't be resolved correctly.
  • BUG: browser-plugin: The browser will now open at a more centered position.
  • BUG: core: A IE7 crash workaround was reverted because it caused all eventhandlers to be lost when getContents() was invoked. The new workaround will remove the jquery expando attributes in IE7 for some elements.
  • BUG: core: Fixes bugs in the handeling of delete and forward delete. These bugs were introduced in an attempt to fix issues with deleting behaviour near multiple white spaces. An alernative should be sought for a better solution for handeling white spaces.

0.20.11 - 2012/05/10

  • BUG image plugin: fixes distorted images when in portrait format
  • BUG table plugin: fixes bug in IE7 that second click on table cell was not activating the table
  • ENHANCEMENT link plugin: removed linklist (and slowlinklist) which where loaded by default (we should not force everyone to have them active by default)
  • BUG: browser-plugin: In some cases a javascript error would be thrown when using the browser plugin with Internet Explorer. IE does not support 'new Image' calls within popups.
  • BUG: browser-plugin: In some cases a javascript error would be thrown when using the browser plugin with Internet Explorer. IE does not support 'new Image' calls within popups.
  • ENHANCEMENT: browser-plugin: The browser plugin will now calculate the browser width automatically.
  • BUG: IE7 - #516 navigate with arrow keys through several paragraphs
  • BUG: IE7 - #515 gray text after list
  • ENHANCEMENT: Removed unwanted behaviour from the block plugin's sidebarattributeedtior, which will clear out the whole sidebar when loaded
  • BUT: floatingmenu: Fixed regeneration of ext components for floatingmenu, when buttons are added after the floatingmenu was initialized
  • FEATURE plugin: Adding the sourceview plugin, which visualizes the current selection in the sidebar to help developers of Aloha Editor with debugging.

0.20.10 - 2012/04/17

  • BUG: core: Fixed a typo in the previous bugfix: Fixed a javascript error in IE9 stating that the method createContextualFragment doesn't exist

0.20.9 - 2012/04/16

  • BUG: block-plugin: Fixed 'e.srcElement is undefined' error in blockmanager.js which affected firefox 11
  • BUG floatingmenu: Fixed problem with creating new buttons after Aloha is ready.
  • ENHANCEMENT: updated integration of Aloha Blocks to the most recent version
  • BUG floatingmenu: Fixed problem with showing floatingmenu shadow too early
  • BUG core: Fixed a permission error in Firefox, when Aloha Editor tried to access a document property of an external ressource
  • BUG table-plugin: Fixed the cleanup of the table cells on blur not cleaning up correctly (caused by a typo in the element class)

0.20.8 - 2012/04/06

  • BUG core: UP and DOWN cursor key will now not be processed specially by Aloha, they will be left to native handeling.
  • BUG core: Adds a guard in execCommand()' to preventINDEX_SIZE_ERR' exceptions.
  • BUG core: The cursor processing around non-contenteditable elements (blocks) was not functioning as described or desired. It now behaves with more stability especially on Internet Explorer.
  • ENHANCEMENT core: Improved efficiency of cursor processing, especially around blocks.
  • FEATURE core: It is now possible to place the caret between two adjecent non-contenteditable elements.
  • FEATURE editable.js: introduced method setContents() -- use Aloha.getEditableById('my-editable').setContents('Aloha World') to set the contents of the editable with the ID my-editable
  • BUG smartContentChange is now again triggered when pressing enter key; and new: delete / backspace keys
  • ENHANCEMENT enabled image plugin in boilerplate demo. needs some enhancements to be more user friendly
  • BUG align plugin: Fixed alignment behavior and place the buttons in the format tab instead of a new one.
  • FEATURE hints plugin: Implemented using Tipsy as tooltip library and the latest Aloha-Editor plugin standard.
  • ENHANCEMENT block plugin: added data-attribute to prevent triggering scope changes when a block is activated
  • ENHANCEMENT block plugin: revamped colors for highlighting blocks
  • BUG updated dom.js to reflect HTML5 spec changes; format with u and i tags is now available; updated default button config
  • ENHANCEMENT config options per editable for plugin common/horizontalruler and extra/toc
  • ENHANCEMENT configure the sidebar handle position via
  • ENHANCEMENT table plugin: disable split / merge cell buttons when not possible to use
  • ENHANCEMENT dom-to-xhtml plugin: non-specified attributes are excluded from serialization, making attribute serialization more consistent on IE7 and IE8.
  • FEATURE API docs: added first version of new API docs
  • FEATURE HotKey feature added for link, format and wai-lang plugin
  • ENHANCEMENT load plugins via config option
  • BUG added missing endprologue. and regenerated guides; jslint for image plugin
  • ENHANCEMENT Added very simple example for loading Aloha Editor. Simplyfied "Using Aloha Editor" guides page.
  • ENHANCEMENT adding documentation about Aloha Editor events

0.20.7 - 2012/03/07

  • BUG link: fixed a bug in the link list static repository plugin that would cause aloha to fail when no settings for the linklist repository were specified.
  • BUG formatlesspaste plugin: fixed IE syntax error caused by a comma at the end of a list.

0.20.6 - 2012/03/01

  • BUG link: fixed a bug in the link list static repository plugin that caused Internet Explorer to fail handling repository links.
  • BUG dom-to-xhtml plugin: fixed attribute names are not lowercased
  • BUG floatingmenu: fixed floating menu's reading of configuration values so that they are parsed into numbers.
  • BUG floatingmenu: fixed floating menu positioning when view port is scrolled so that it takes into account the aligntopOffset setting.

  • ENHANCEMENT Added jslint setup to guides and fixed error output in build script.

  • ENHANCEMENT The new plugin dom-to-xhtml attempts to create a valid XHTML serialization of the document when getContents() is called.
  • BUG Paste plugin: paste into an editable in an editable is now working
  • BUG Selection of content in an contenteditable=false which is not a child of an Aloha Editor instance now works like expected
  • ENHANCEMENT Repositories: It is now possible to configure the timeout for querying repositories.
  • ENHANCEMENT Floating menu: It is now possible to configure the floating menu to be 'append' to an other element. It is needed to set an extra option 'element' with the ID of the HTML DOM element where the fm should be attach to. The floating menu is attached to the same position as the 'element'.
  • ENHANCEMENT Floating menu: If the floating menu is set to be not draggable, the drag&drop bar + pin will not be shown
  • BUG engine.js: insert paragraph was sometimes broken in IE7 (copy of empty/all p-element attributes)
  • ENHANCEMENT updated plugin: table of contents (toc) to work with the current Aloha Editor version
  • BUG characterpicker plugin: fixed cursor position after inserting a character
  • ENHANCEMENT Browser plugin: loading of required jQuery plugins is now changed so all can be loaded via CDN

0.20.5 - 2012/02/09

  • ENHANCEMENT word contenthandler: cleanup for pasted word documents with table of contents
  • BUG paste plugin: removed trim of pasted contents -- test[ text] + 2x c&p results now in test text text instead of testtexttext
  • BUG format/table plugin: added a workaround in the format plugin to enable formating of selected cells
  • ENHANCEMENT cite plugin: config option if sidebar should auto open or not ( true|false)
  • BUG The link plugin won't use a scope but will now hide/show it's buttons directly.
  • BUG Fixed the way the table plugin unwrapped it's cell contents when deactivating a table - all dom object references where lost before. Now the objects are truly unwrapped, and just moved up one step within the dom structure.

0.20.4 - 2012/01/27

  • BUG core: fixed IE7 browser crash caused by dereferencing element attributes.
  • BUG floatingmenu: Fixed positioning of floating menu when it extends beyond the width of the viewport

0.20.3 - 2012/01/24

  • BUG floatingmenu: Fixed float position of floatingmenu when it moves between editables.
  • BUG core: Removes ExtJS' IE6 style fixes which break layout in IE9.
  • BUG image-plugin: The image plugin will now only display the crop buttons when the cropping area selection was finished. This avoids a bug in Internet Explorer 7 where the crop area could not be resized once the user entered those crop buttons.
  • BUG core: Fixed floating menu pinning with topalign behaviour (topalignOffset, horizontalOffset)

0.20.2 - 2012/01/19

  • BUG image-plugin: Replaced unicode characters in the crop buttons with images to fix display issues within Internet Explorer 7.
  • BUG core: Fixed problem where Internet Explorer 7 and will not work with frames since it will fallback to storage. We'll now use a void storage for IE7. This means that IE7 will not be able to store floating menu postion and other settings.
  • BUG core: Fixed problem of Internet Explorer 7 crashing when invoking jQuery's removeAttr.
  • BUG html5shims: Function getRootParent in ecma5schims.js no longer throws an error when null or undefined is passed to it.
  • BUG core: fixed incorrect dependency on jquery.json-2.2 where util/json2 is needed instead and made it globally available
  • ENHANCEMENT core: Removed unneeded JSON empty function definition that surpressed errors in IE.
  • ENHANCEMENT guides: Updated guides. They now include a directory structure explanation and a detailed release guide.
  • ENHANCEMENT word contenthandler: html cleanup for empty tags, removal of spans and the paragraph numbering from TOC feature.

0.20.1 2012/01/13

  • ENHANCEMENT table-plugin: fixed incorrect repairing of tables (cells were appended to rows containing th elements).

0.20.0 2011/12/27

  • ENHANCEMENT doc/api: added first version of new API docs. Please note that the API docs are currently work in progress.
  • BUG floatingmenu: fixed a bug with topalign behaviour where scrolling would attach the floatingmenu to the left side of the screen.

0.20.0-RC9 - 2011/12/07

  • BUG image-plugin: The saved aspect ratio will now be correcly recalculated when a cropping action is sucessfully ended. Previously the aspect ratio was not recalculated and therefore resizing of images resulted in unexpected image sizes.
  • FEATURE formatlesspaste plugin: The elements stripped by the formatlesspaste plugin can now be configured like this
    "formatlesspaste" :{
                formatlessPasteOption : true,
                strippedElements : [
  • FEATURE wai-lang plugin: The styling of the language input field, and dropdown suggestion box has been improved.
  • ENHANCEMENT listenforcer-plugin: The enforce method is now a private function.
  • FEATURE listenforcer-plugin: List enforcer plugin configuration should change
    // ... from this:

    "listenforcer" : {
        "editables" : {
            ".myselector" : [ "true" ]
        "config" : "false"

    //... to this:

    "listenforcer" : {
        "editables" : [ ".myselector" ]
  • FEATURE listenforcer-plugin: The listenforcer plugin removes any non-list top-level elements to ensure that an editable in which lists are enforced will contain exactly one list as the only immediate child of the editable.
  • ENHANCEMENT some changes in the Browser Plugin (browser.js) to allow multiple, distinguishable instances of browsers on the same page
  • BUG customizable numerated-header plugin: when header content is deleted, the numeration tag will be deleted, too

0.20.0-RC8 - 2011/11/22

  • ENHANCEMENT listenforcer-plugin: The listenforcer plugin was refactored. Method names were changed and the way the plugin works with lists was also changed. It will now no longer replace list dom elments. Instead it will move sibling lists into the first list element within the editable. Previously the whole element was replaced and thus the selection was lost. This caused problems with the floating menu. The user had to click two times into a list to make the floating menu appear since the selection was lost due to dom replacements. This is now fixed.
  • BUG core: The aloha-editable-activated will now no longer invoked twice.
  • BUG image-plugin: Fixed handling of width and height when the user entered the cropping mode. You can resize the crop area by entering values in the width and height field.
  • BUG list-plugin/link-plugin: The list plugin interfered with the link plugin behaviour. Previously it was not possible to create links within a list due to a bug within the list plugin. The list plugin will now no longer use the Aloha.List scope.
  • BUG link-plugin: Fixed problem with auto-suggestion mechanism for the link input field causing the the wrong href value to be taken.

0.20.0-RC7 - 2011/11

  • BUG link-plugin: Fixed javascript error that occured when linking items using the repository browser in Internet Explorer 8.
  • BUG boilerplate demo: Fixed javascript error that occured in Internet Explorer 8.
  • ENHANCEMENT flag-icons plugin: It is now necessary to add the flag-icons plugin in the aloha plugin load order before any plugins that need to use the shared flag icons.
  • ENHANCEMENT metaview-plugin: Fixed metaview plugin to use shared flags icon from flag-icons plugin, for consistancy between plugins.
  • ENHANCEMENT wai-lang-plugin: Improved wai-lang language selection ui. Organized flags to be in a plugin their own plugin so that the icons can be shared between other components.
  • BUG link-plugin: The autocomplete list is now closed properly when esc was pressed.

0.20.0-RC6 - 2011/11

  • BUG link-plugin/linkbrowser-plugin: Previously the highlight css for a link was not removed after an item was selected by the linkbrowser. Now highlight css will be correctly removed and the cursor will be placed back into the content. Previously the selection was lost.
  • BUG table-plugin: Fixed a bug that deactivated tables after 5 seconds. This issue was caused by a failure within the table registry. Instead of loading the cloned object the original table was loaded and deactivated.

0.20.0-RC5 - 2011/11

  • BUG link-plugin: The link plugin will no longer remove repository data attributes from the link when the user clicks a link and leaves it imediately. Previously those repository data attributes where removed when the repository lookup was not finished on time (before the user left the link). For the user the repository link was transformed to a normal link. This is now fixed.

0.20.0-RC4 - 2011/11

  • BUG FloatingMenu: The FloatingMenu will now check the Aloha.settings.floatingmenu.topalignOffset parameter to be not undefined, as checking for 'number' was too strict

0.20.0-RC3 - 2011/11

  • FEATURE link-plugin: The default behaviour for the link plugin has changed. Links with empty hrefs will not be removed automatically any longer - removing the current href has to be confirmed by pressing enter to delete the link itself. Use the unlink button to remove the link directly.

0.20.0-RC2 - 2011/11

  • BUG link-plugin: Fixed bug in link-plugin, which prevented correct selection of items from the repository browser when creating a link on a fresh page
  • BUG browser-plugin: Fixed a bug that prevented the browser plugin to load its dependencies correctly.

0.20.0-RC1 - 2011/11

  • BUG link-plugin: Fixed a bug that prevented correct selection of items from the repository browser when a new link was created on a fresh loaded page.

0.20.0 - 2011/11

  • core: Add option for "cls" property to be added to ui-attributefields. cls will be an optional extra CSS class that will be added to this component's Element. This can be useful for adding customized styles to the component or any of its children using standard CSS rules. (!/api/Ext.AbstractComponent-cfg-cls)
  • ribbon-plugin: The ribbon will no longer be visible by default. Instead you can use the show function to make it appear.
  • image-plugin: The plugin will now use a different method to calculate the width/height when using a fixed aspect ratio.
  • core: Fixed floatingmenu to stay visible, if pinned and window is resized.
  • core: Added new Method to FloatingMenu: activateTabOfButton(name) will activate the tab containing the button with given name (if tab is visible)
  • core: Fixed all plugins to not use FloatingMenu.userActivatedTab, but FloatingMenu.activateTabOfButton instead. This will ensure that switching Tabs will also work, if floatingmenu is configured individually.
    • fixed link-plugin to bind events to links when editables are created. Also bind events to new created links. This ensures that Hotkey CTRL+L to create a new link works, and links can be followed by clicking on them while holding CTRL
    • enforced correct highlighting of selection within the input field
    • fixed handling of external links. Previously it was not possible to change a repository link to an external link.
    • initially clicking on an existing link before the link tab has been rendered would leave you with an empty href field. This is actually an ExtJS issue, which has been workarounded.
    • fixed: autosuggest sometimes left fragments on the screen when closing the autosuggest field early.
  • listenforcer-plugin: fixed a bug which would cause an error when activating or deactivating an editable
  • listenforcer-plugins: Fixed a possible jquery error within the listforcer plugin. Previously this plugin was not requiring aloha using require.js. This was now corrected.
  • format-plugin: tags removed by the "remove format" button may now be configured by setting Aloha.settings.plugins.format.removeFormats = ['b', 'strong', 'whatever']; The default set of formats to be removed is: 'strong', 'em', 'b', 'i', 'cite', 'q', 'code', 'abbr', 'del', 'sub', 'sup'
  • browser-plugin
    • The browser now supports i18n and has better paging support, if the repositories provides meta information (numItems, hasMoreItems)
    • fixed a bug with the paging algorithm when jumping to the last page
  • sidebar: The sidebar can now be disabled using the Aloha.settings.sidebar.disabled flag.
  • core: added +Aloha.ready( function() {} )+
  • core: Aloha base url is now auto-detected
  • core: Aloha plugins are now loaded in through data-plugins="format,table" on the aloha script element
    • See demos for more usage information
  • core: moved to requireJS
    • Structure overhaul
      • WebContent is now src
      • build/out is now out
      • Plugins are now nicely named, and have dropped their ExtJS prefixes. Eg. the format plugin was renamed from 'com.gentics.aloha.plugins.Format' to 'format'. Have a look at the plugin folder for a complete overview of new plugin names.
    • refactored respecting commonJS package structure
    • AMD loading - Convert Plugins to RequireJS structure - improved plugin lodaing (lib, css, doc, i18n) - Major Source Code Structure Refinements - build - CSS Bundling & Compression - JavaScript Bundling & Compression - The GENTICS namespace has been completely removed from all objects in Aloha Editor's core - Building overhaul - Building has moved from Java + Ant to Node.js + Buildr - Building now runs in seconds instead of minutes, with greater compression ratios - Building will run strict JSHint code quality tests - Output is now more consistent with source, demos can remain untouched between using the src and out versions - JavaScript and CSS files are now bundled into aloha.js and aloha.css- core: documentation
    • guides for using Aloha Editor
    • JSdoc
  • core: tests
    • added testbox for developer
    • commandAPI test suite
    • improve core tests
    • added plugin API tests
    • added repository API tests
  • core: ranslations as JSON files
  • core: Support for Opera (>11)
  • core: update jQuery to 1.7
  • contenthandler-plugin: (for copy/paste)
    • sanitize (configureable HTML elements and attributes)
    • word
    • generic (for html and text)
  • core: implemented Aloha.execCommand stack
    • Bold
    • Delete
    • ForwardDelete
    • InsertParagraph
    • InsertLineBreak
    • InsertHTML
    • InsertOrderedList
    • InsertUnorderedList
    • Indent
    • Outdent
  • table-plugin
    • merging and splitting
    • repair tables if they are broken
  • list-plugin
    • fixed issues in IE with empty list nodes
  • sidebar-plugin: new
  • image: new
  • horizontalruler-plugin: new
  • characterpicker-plugin: new
  • undo-plugin: new
  • new extra plugins

    • cite
    • headerids
    • metaview
    • wai-lang
    • speak
    • googletranslate
    • Introduced a new plugin that numerates all headers. (e.g. 1. Header1 1.1 Header2 2 Header1 ....)
    • Introduced a new plugin that lets you paste from word without formating. It will strip formatings like bold, italic, ...
  • Fixed: the genericcontenthandler caused problems when an editable was initialized

    The genericcontenthandler was enabled by default for the initialization of editables. The genericcontenthandler is too brutal and does more cleanups and conversions than one would normally want. The fix was to remove the genericcontenthandler from the default setting.

    In particular, the conversion from strong tags to b tags (and other tag conversions) is unwanted.

    An issue was created for a replacement of the genericcontenthandler for the initialization of editables:

  • FloatingMenu The FloatingMenu now accepts the Aloha.settings.floatingmenu.topalignOffset setting, which will define the vertical offset to the editable when the "topalign" behavior is used. The default value is 90px, so if you activate the FloatingMenu's topalign behaviour the FloatingMenu will hover 90px above the currently active editable. Switch it to any meaningful integer offset you prefer.


The reason for not releasing this builds was the ongoing refactoring of the core engine to implement all functionallities based on execCommand. Non of these releases reached a production ready state. We still increased the release number due to the fact that we also tested the new release process with maven and archivia and it would brake dependencies if we wouldn't have increased the version number.

0.9.3 - October 2010

- Link/Href handling
- Repository browser
    - As well as sample Delicious and LinkList Repositories
- Textarea and $('#myTextarea').aloha() support
- Table plugin
- Paste from Microsoft Word
- Plugins are now submodules
- Abbreviation plugin
- LinkChecker plugin
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