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rfurman commented Sep 15, 2012

It seems counterintuitive that you have to hold down a modifier in order to follow a link. In fact, I only found out how to do this by reading the source. Before, I figured that I would have to go Mahalo to make the links usable.

Potential alternatives:

  1. Follow the link if either a modifier is pressed or if the editor did not already have the focus (still potentially confusing)
  2. Add a "go here" icon after each link, which actually follows the link (beware reflowing)
  3. Default to following the link, but add a "edit" icon after each link
  4. Follow the link if you click twice
  5. Keep the behaviour the same, ie display the link toolbar, but make an obvious way to follow the link from the toolbar

My personal preference would be implementing both 1 and 5 and maybe also 4. 5 is useful irregardless, 1 is because I can't imagine that the user's expectation when loading the page and immediately clicking a link is to edit and not follow. Similarly with 4.

A potentially better solution could be to go to the link upon clicking, but float a "Edit" button next to the link when you mouseover it.

Thanks for an amazing editor!


deliminator commented Sep 15, 2012

I don't really like the idea of 1. because, as you pointed out, it may be confusing.
But the other points are all good.
5. should definitely be implemented.
We have to get a concensus on 2. vs. 3.
Doubleclick is a bit like the modifier-key approach - you don't know it unless someone tells you (or you read the source :-).


evo42 commented Sep 16, 2012

I prefer option 2 -- when the user is already in edit mode it would make more sense (to me) to show a "go here" hint instead of "edit this"

+1 for option 5 (and keep also the behavior like it is now)

evo42 closed this Oct 17, 2013

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