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Once you start a list in the editor there is simple way to exit the list and go back to basic paragraph formatting.

Things I would intuitively try:
1. Hitting enter for a new topic then delete leaves text in line with the list instead of back to a normal paragraph.
2. Hitting enter then delete twice just goes back to the previous item.
3. Pushing the list button again removes the entire list.
4. Pushing paragraph button does same as #1

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To exit a list and continue with a paragraph you'll have to hit two times enter at the end of the last list item (like in MS Word)

  1. Currently that's the same behavior like in MS Word/OpenOffice -- in my point of view an other option could be that your cursor just goes back to the end of the previous list item... a new paragraph also would make sense...
  2. What would you expect in that case? (With the behavior of 1. it's fine like it is... otherwise with a new p like you suggested also...)
  3. Here it's would be fine to transform that one/multiple li into a/multiple p (I suppose the current implementation was quite easier to achieve)
  4. pushing the paragraph button should transform that one/multiple li into a/multiple p -- what do you think should happen when you push the h1 button? should it be li-h1 yourtext h1-li? or do you expect removing the specific li and transform it just to h1?

There are quite a lot options what can / should happen... it's not easy to fulfill all expectations... should it work exactly like MS Word/Open- or LibreOffice... should we define / use our own rules...

Thanks for your feedback -- if you have further hints for improvements we're happy to listen and discuss!


After reading your (great) comments, I've narrowed down the key difference from MS Word. As you say, 1 is the same behavior and does make sense. The difference is MS Word takes 4 deletes to get you back to the previous list item and Aloha currently takes 2. Here's what each of them do:

  1. Removes the number or bullet next to an item but leaves cursor where it is.
  2. Moves cursor in line with the number/bullet indentation
  3. Move cursor to start of line so you can move on to the next paragraph (my goal)
  4. Move cursor to end of previous list item.

Aloha currently does 1, 4. As you say MS Word isn't a perfect standard to copy, but I'd bet most people that did it my way in Word get stuck like I did.

I probably wouldn't have tried 3 or 4 if 2 worked, at that point I was more hoping it would work than expecting it to so I think they're fine as is.

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