dev: updated guides and plugins #769

merged 45 commits into from Nov 21, 2012


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evo42 commented Oct 16, 2012

  • js-beautify all plugins
  • pull requests for plugins
  • image plugin improvements
  • ...

nka11 and others added some commits Jul 27, 2012

@nka11 nka11 Adding changelog 2df2551
@nka11 nka11 passing target id as header parameter as a facility for server to rec…
…ognise where in the page file has bee dropped
@nka11 nka11 coding style check full draganddropfiles.js c46c918
@nka11 nka11 Code style manual check, many fixes e0b0f4c
@nka11 nka11 minor bugfix for ancien webkit b7d17bc
@nka11 nka11 cleaner value for unexisting targetId 468962e
@nka11 nka11 Fixing Image interactions and binding events 'upload success' et 'upl…
…oad failure'
@nka11 nka11 adding changelog entry d0da4bc
@nka11 nka11 Remove id attr of dropped image once upload confirmed on server.
if not, it would cause multiple object with same id in case of upload>save>reload>re-upload
@nka11 nka11 Adding a guide page.
Code cleaned for coherence and API
@nka11 nka11 fix quick copy/paste extra 47fbbd7
@nka11 nka11 Fix typo in title.
add entry to index
@nka11 nka11 Merge branch 'hotfix-0.21.x' into hotfix-0.21.x-image 86548f6
@nka11 nka11 fixing bug at draganddrop files handler. ee91034
@evo42 evo42 added deactivated message to non-0.21.x-plugins; added code-snippets …
…guide; format plugin with classes a bit debugged
@nka11 nka11 Merge branch 'hotfix-0.21.x' of…
…Editor into hotfix-0.21.x-image

@evo42 evo42 merged nka11/hotfix-0.21.x-image 9589a83
@evo42 evo42 merged image / drag and drop files branch; updated plugins guides; me…
…rged 0.22.x dev
@evo42 evo42 Merge branch 'dev' of into dev-gu…
@evo42 evo42 js-beautify all plugins 3ed05e0
@evo42 evo42 Experimental feature: assign CSS classes to elements via the sidebar 28e6e7e
@evo42 evo42 image plugin: setTemplate added 584ed98
@evo42 evo42 upstream merged d41c9ed
@evo42 evo42 renamed floatingmenu to ui 6cc4e10
@evo42 evo42 parts of gh-763 fixed 7dd582a
@evo42 evo42 merged upstream dev / fixed merge conflicts 4f51753
@evo42 evo42 js-beautify latest plugin updates e63cf69
@evo42 evo42 enabled Aloha.settings.plugin.image.objectTypeFilter again d59e252
@evo42 evo42 added note about abbr remove button ce0be09

wimleers commented Oct 17, 2012

Why do you create such enormous pull requests in favor of atomic or at least topical pull requests? It's EXTREMELY hard to follow what has changed this way.


evo42 replied Oct 17, 2012

Finally found an other way...

Cool :)


evo42 commented Oct 17, 2012

#738 fixed like you suggested ...

You're right, smaller is better.

In this case it was an old branch with fixes to some plugins (+ updated guides)... I needed to make some more fixes / improvements to (all) plugins & it happened that eg. image / draganddropfiles / others got pull requests (some conflicts needed to be solved etc.)... and some more fixes here and there...

It's maybe hard to follow (but / because most files are js-beautified; that are the most changes) but in that case it's easier to get plugins working when I have one big branch & can test everything with the latest dev changes from all the others / with all pull requests instead of working with 5 different not up to date branches...

So the topic was: "improve some plugins" ...


wimleers commented Oct 18, 2012

Fair enough, but can you try to keep the scope for pull requests smaller in the future? That makes it far more manageable for external folks to follow along.

(Thanks btw :))


evo42 commented Oct 18, 2012

It's always the goal but maybe sometimes it's easier / faster / I'm to lazy ;-)


wimleers commented Oct 18, 2012


@evo42 evo42 added a commit that referenced this pull request Nov 21, 2012

@evo42 evo42 Merge pull request #769 from evo42/dev-guides-plugins
dev: updated guides and plugins (js-beautify)

@evo42 evo42 merged commit 11116cf into alohaeditor:dev Nov 21, 2012

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