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Aloha Editor is a JavaScript content editing library
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Aloha Editor - The HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor

New Documentation

We're currently writing new new guides. You can find these at /doc/guides/output and on our website:

For help there is:

To get updates you can:

  • Subscribe to GitHub updates by clicking the "watch" button up the top right of this page.
  • Subscribe to RSS feed updates for the dev branch and/or master branch

Repository Directory Structure

  • /bin - Build scripts
  • /build - Build configuration
  • /doc
  • /doc/api - The API documentation
  • /doc/guides - This document
  • /vendor - Vendor source code. (e.g. ExtJS, require-js, jquery)
  • /target - Build output folder
  • /src
  • /src/css - Aloha core css files
  • /src/demo - Aloha demos
  • /src/img - Aloha core images
  • /src/lib - Require plugins and bootstrap files
  • /src/lib/aloha - Main Aloha Editor core sources
  • /src/lib/vendor - Vendor source code. E.g. ExtJS, jquery
  • /src/lib/util - Utility sources. (e.g. json2.js, class.js)
  • /src/plugins
  • /src/plugins/common - Common plugin bundle
  • /src/plugins/extra - Extra plugin bundle
  • /src/test - QUnit tests


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