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EOS Proxy Info Contract
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EOS Proxy Info

This is an on-chain EOS contract (or dApp) that allows EOS proxy accounts to register additional information about themselves, such as name and website. This information is published on the EOS blockchain and freely available to be republished. An example website that uses this information is the Aloha EOS Proxy Research Portal.

The contract is published on the regproxyinfo account on the EOS mainnet.

GUI Usage

For a GUI tool that interacts with this dApp try one of the following:

Command Line Usage

First thing, you should already have an EOS proxy account that you have run regproxy on. If you haven't got that far, check out EOS Proxy Voting: Everything You Need To Know.


The set action inserts or updates information about your account. The paramaters are:

  • proxy (required): Your EOS account name.
  • name (required, 64 char max): The full name of your proxy.
  • slogan (optional, 64 char max): A short description of your proxy intended to be shown in listings.
  • philosophy (optional, 1024 char max): Description of proxy's voting philosophy.
  • background (optional, 1024 char max): Background information / who is the proxy?
  • website (optional, 256 char max): An http or https URL to a website, Reddit post, etc. with more information about your proxy.
  • logo_256 (optional, 256 char max): An http or https URL to an image with the size of 256 x 256 px.
  • telegram (optional, 64 char max): Telegram account name.
  • steemit (optional, 64 char max): Steemit account name.
  • twitter (optional, 64 char max): Twitter account name.
  • wechat (optional, 64 char max): WeChat account name.

Note: This action will consume a little bit of your RAM for the storage. How much depends on the length of your data, but probably around 1kb.

cleos example:

cleos -u push action regproxyinfo set '["myproxyaccnt","My Proxy Name","For a better world","Voting philosophy","","","","","","",""]' -p myproxyaccnt


The remove action will remove all information about your account. The parameters are:

  • proxy: Your EOS account name.

cleos example:

cleos -u push action regproxyinfo remove '["myproxyaccnt"]' -p myproxyaccnt

Getting the Data

All data is stored in the proxies table on the regproxyinfo account.

cleos example:

cleos -u get table regproxyinfo regproxyinfo proxies
  "rows": [{
      "owner": "myproxyaccnt",
      "name": "My Proxy Name",
      "website": ""
  "more": false

curl example:

curl -d '{"json":true,"code":"regproxyinfo","scope":"regproxyinfo","table":"proxies","limit":100}' -s '' | jq
  "rows": [{
      "owner": "myproxyaccnt",
      "name": "My Proxy Name",
      "website": ""
  "more": false


Questions or comments? Swing by the EOS VOTER PROXIES channel on Telegram.


These are the people or teams that helped contribute to this project (in alphabetical order):

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